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December 11 to January 8


Brick-nalia 2953 Advent Calendar Day 1: PTV

A micro-scale Lego PTV

7 months ago

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Instructions page 1
Instructions page 2 (bill of materials)

Inspired by official Lego advent calendars, I'm making a series of 12 micro builds for Luminalia, based on the following rules:

Each build should have no more than 25 pieces.

The instructions should be easily represented in one to four frames, though preferrably one (the official advent calendars have all the instructions in one frame, but some of my builds would be difficult to do in a single frame so I'm giving myself some leeway).

No pieces longer than six studs in any dimension (this is based on my observation of the sizes of pieces in the official advent calendars).

For day 1, the build is a micro-scale PTV and driver. PDF instructions and parts list can be seen here on Rebrickable.

Other days:

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