Merc's Map of the Known Star Citizen Universe.

A print map of the Star Systems and Jump Point Network of the known Star Citizen Universe; in A2, A3, and A4 Portrait size. For the web-based map, with all the bells and whistles, see

2 years ago

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A2 Portrait print map of the proposed Jump Point Network as it stands in 2952.
A3 Portrait print map of the proposed Jump Point Network as it stands in 2952.
A4 Portrait print map of the proposed Jump Point Network as it stands in 2952.

Merc's Map of the Known Star Citizen Universe as at 2952 For those interested in Star Citizen's star systems and their situation in the currently envisioned Jump Point network, I've put together a Go-styled map showing star system affiliation by colour and original occupancy by shape. This is not a scale map but instead focuses on network geometry with large, medium and small jump point connections represented by differing line thickness. This comes in handy for identifying potential briar patch systems (i.e. with no known access for capital ships) and visually checking for anachronistic system discovery dates.

Although print versions of the map are made available for download, the map with all the features is hosted online at

The map hosted at features information panels or tooltips which pop up when mousing over a star system including the following details:

System name and past or alternative names or designations for the system. Number of sustainably habitable planets (i.e. not requiring fuel, maintenance or other upkeep to remain habitable). Main source material for the system's information Size of the system in both AU (Astronomical Units) and LM (Light Minutes) Non-Relativistic Time (i.e. minimum travel time) threshold - i.e. minimum travel time across the system without noticeable time dilation. Spectroscopic star classification (or other gravitational governor) List of orbits specifying approximate mass category and satellites Revision 2 of a hypothetical abbreviation or tag for conveying the identity, stellar spectroscopic type, and broad system composition.

Where such tooltips or panels are visible, at, the star system is hyperlinked to the main source article for the system. These are mostly Galactic Guides but also include Loremaker's Guide videos, System Unlock announcements and ARK Starmap coordinates.

There are other potential uses for this so my little mapping project is ongoing.

Anyways, I can't edit this so watch out for my epic spleling! And, if this interests you, enjoy the map!


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