Star Citizen - Race The Verse - Full Episode 2

This is the full episode of the second iteration of Race the Verse, an epic gameshow/reality TV-style competition set in the Stanton system in which teams of players race to follow clues and complete challenges as quickly as possible!

10 months ago

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Here is the full episode of the second Race The Verse, a Star Citizen community event hosted by FFK!

Song - | Blackout by Colinroot

Special Thanks to Participating Orgs

ATMO esports [ATMO] -

Nova Intergalactic [NOVA] -


Host Org

Fleet of the Faithful Knights [FFK] -

Racing teams

Team Name - ATMO Crafty Clue Crew | Members - Mr_Xul, Judaas | Game Master - [FFK] Bship

Team Name - ATMO Tequila Sunrise | Members - u7f76, jeromyl | Game Master - [FFK] SpinDizzy

Team Name - ATMO Highlights | Members - Jace_Nash, GoldenTriangles | Game Master - [FFK] DM_Breadstick

Team Name - ATMO Sphere | Members - OfficerRondog, Princezna | Game Master - [FFK] MacKae

Team Name - ATMO Safety Poop | Members - Flannathir, TerraEbb | Game Master - [FFK] Scipio

Team Name - Das Kartell - KRT Research Team | Members - rhobit, IceFire122 | Game Master - [FFK] AdmiralTao

Team Name - NOVA Coming Soon TM | Members - Dragonrabbit, Feewuss | Game Master - [FFK] Mystician

Team Name - NOVA Aluminum Falcons | Members - BlackRise1, Captain_Zoom | Game Master - [FFK] GrandmasterFlash

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