The STV Review Greycat Didn't Ask For

2 months ago

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While having a little fun at the PTV track, I bumped into Rocket, a marketing employee for Greycat. They asked me if I could help them create some buzz for their less popular vehicle, the STV. Trust me, this isn’t your ordinary vehicle review. Follow us on our journey in the Star Citizen universe with the STV and the ridiculous scenarios we found ourselves in.

This was a huge project that started pre-production back in mid February. Two months of writing, scripting, shooting, recording dialogue, and editing to create my personal love letter to Red vs. Blue style of machinima and humor.

I can’t thank everyone involved enough for helping this vision come to life. @admiralrocket, @En1gm4tic, Couch, Skaldsyn, @Cosmos-exe and @kalaninalak - you made this such a fun and successful project with your talents and your availability to support this.

Director of Photography/Editor: Fat_Bird

B Camera Ops: En1gm4tic, kalani

Voice Actors: Admiral_Rocket (Rocket), Cosmos (Tank Guy, Nine Tails, ArcCorp Cop)

Crew Support & Stunt Doubles: eLEMONated, Skaldsyn, Ya_Girl_Duck

A huge thanks to OmniDynamics for their help and always tune in to review the early drafts of the editing stage.

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