What i have done during CitCon 2952

Enjoy my first steps in doing Printing and Painting Jobs. During the CitCon 2952 i finished my second Bearhead, my 3rd 3D Model ever which is painted by Hand. I hope u like my Pics, taking part of my "Citizen Con 2952" evening.

last year

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I just Love them
Waiting for the Print to be done
...and waiting...
Waiting for the Ultraviolet Light
Time for the Primer
Here we are
Me and my Friend <3
We are Millions...
Some of my first Try´s ever ;)

No way without T800 ;) My really first 3D Model
Best Vehikle Ingame? PTV of Course. But this one crashed... LUL
My really first 3D Printing and Painting steps... Done with a Creality Ender 3v2 about 2 Weeks ago
my first Bear Head. Done a few Days ago
At the end of the Day. My second Bearhead is done. This has been my really first steps in doing Artwork. So at least i am a little proud of it and excited what will come in Future... Cheers


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