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Ciel Ferma


Ferma is an Emergency Medical Technician working for the ICARE Organization, Recent mobiglass patterns locates her living at GrimHEX and Seraphim [Stanton]. Our people at Grim, describe her as not aligned with 9T, in fact she has been active in the newly established GrimHEX Tenants Union, which advocates for better living conditions for GrimHEX residents. This makes her of particular interest to us, since someone who can parley with both 9T and Crusader is both anomalous and precarious. Reporting Key: #3628-TdTMHfbW3hYYhyZXeDsc1UOvzxz2 / starcitizen-5726384-xxzwyk / f4VtqHommAe1ThNxlwd2cmaYYhx2 Alert Indicator: COR (Change of Routine) Contact Status: Active Monitoring, Indirect Comms Only

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