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  • JakeAcappella-CIG JakeAcappella-CIG

    General / XT Armor

    Just for clarity, for the XenoThreat armor set, you must have completed both Overdrive as well as the currently running XenoThreat event. The armor should...

  • Nicou-CIG Nicou-CIG

    General / No Access to Glaive - Badge removed - Can't get it back

    To boost visibility on this, we have fixed the issue with the Glaive and reinstated badges. Note that you can still only own a single Glaive, so if you already own...

  • Nicou-CIG Nicou-CIG

    Announcements / Alien Week 2024

    One of those days...! Okay, thanks again for these reports: Our catch up migrations for the 2953 Aggressor badges should now all be complete.