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  • JakeAcappella-CIG JakeAcappella-CIG

    General / Regarding this week's roadmap roundup and all future ones

    If you haven't checked out our monthly reports, you should! They have this info, along with some visuals! It's just every four weeks instead of every two :smile:

  • TheDJBuntin-CIG TheDJBuntin-CIG

    General / Why is Rental so Expensive

    REC prices are linked to the PU price; which was recently increased while REC income remained the same. We're hoping to make adjustments for the next major release.

  • Nicou-CIG Nicou-CIG

    General / SRV

    The plan for the Argo SRV to tow in Quantum remains unchanged, and we are actively tracking the bug. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information....