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Bevic Group
  • Industry

  • Founded


  • Headquarters

    Earth (Sol III)

  • Products

    Drink brands, food brands

The Bevic Group is a Human food and drink conglomerate headquartered in Earth (Sol III), United Empire of Earth (UEE). Founded in 2078 by siblings Bartholomew and Vevrai Bevic after receiving a substantial inheritance from their grandparents, the first product it sold was the canned beverage Get Up Coffee, which became very popular among college students. The company's first acquisition was the Sunshine and Daisies Milk Company in 2093, which allowed Bevic to control their own dairy supply. After their merger with instant dinner manufacturer Page-Callier in 2122, the company expanded its scope to include food as well as beverages. Since then, it was purchased and merged with multiple companies, and has expanded to become one of the largest food and drink manufacturers in the UEE.

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