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United Empire of Earth

The United Empire of Earth (UEE) is the name of the current Human governmental body. It is led by a democratically elected Imperator; a Tribunal of High-Advocate, High-Secretary, and High-Command; and a legislative body (UEE Senate) composed of elected representatives from Human-controlled planets. The UEE was formed after the conclusion of the First Tevarin War in the 26th century. Then-High-General Ivar Messer claimed that the Tribunal system and Senate were rendered ineffective by bureaucracy and introduced the concept of Prime Citizen, a singular figurehead of the government to unclog the perceived governmental quagmire. Once elected, he stripped the United Planets of Earth's High-Secretary and High-Advocate of their office and utilized the power of the military to declare himself Imperator for life. Descendants of Messer reigned as dictators for centuries, modifying and corrupting the governmental system to further ensconce their power. In 2792, they were ousted from power in a popular uprising which instated the current democratic government structure.

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