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Jax McCleary

Jax McCleary (b.2887 - present) is a Human journalist, pilot, and Spectrum personality best known for hosting the shows Galactic Tour and Whitley’s Guide. Before becoming a show host, McCleary worked as the sports anchor for the local news program in Aydo on Green (Ellis III), gaining a reputation as a bombastic, tongue-in-cheek commentator on spacecraft races with deep insight on the inner workings and handling of the ships. McCleary left his position in 2931 to launch Galactic Gear, a show that examines and reviews spacecraft through often outlandish means. The show was sold in 2945 to Voyager Direct after years of ratings success and was relaunched and rebranded as Galactic Tour in 2946. McCleary left the show shortly after, and returned to racing commentary until accepting a contract to host Whitley’s Guide in 2950.

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