Ark Galactapedia

  • Type

  • Date(s)

    16-18 February 2712

  • Location

    Orion system

  • Participants

    Vanduul, United Empire of Earth

  • Results

    Vanduul victory; Orion system ceded by United Empire of Earth

The Battle of Orion was a massed engagement between the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and the Vanduul, fought February 16-18 2712. The battle marked the first time UEE forces encountered a Vanduul Kingship. After the appearance of the Kingship, the UEE was forced to cede the Orion system to the invading Vanduul Forces. This was the first major defeat for the UEE since the temporary loss of the Idris system in 2542. It is considered by military historians to be a major turning point in the ongoing conflict between the UEE and the Vanduul.

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