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House’ak’ak (also known as ‘Gatac’) is one of the major Houses in the Xi’an Empire (SaoXy’an). During the Great Divide (20044 - 19770 BCE),’ak, a vassal of House Ru’a, built and maintained vehicles and spacecraft that formed the backbone of Ru’a’s logistics operations. Three of’ak’s elders perished alongside the leadership of Ru’a when House Kl.ō unintentionally poisoned the atmosphere of the Xi’an homeworld RyiXy'an (Hyoton III). When Ru’a was made the first Imperial House in the aftermath of the tragedy, newly elevated Emperor Ya.l'ē se Ru’a rewarded’ak for their service by granting them exclusive rights to build industrial spacecraft for the SaoXy’an in perpetuity. Today,’ak owns and operates Gatac Manufacture (Ao’t.o’a’’ak) and maintains close familial ties with the current Imperial House.

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