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Coramor is a holiday celebrated annually in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) on 11 February. It traces its origins to 2486 when Yuri Ilyin disappeared trying to reunite with his lover Corazon Tan, who had become trapped behind the recently-collapsed jump point to the Oretani system. During his search, Yuri would send emotional daily comms to Cora's parents updating them on his search, the last of which was unintelligible except for “...anything for Cora… amor...” Yuri was never seen again after sending that final message. The story of Yuri and Cora was popularized in a late 25th century vid titled Coramor, a portmanteau derived from Yuri's final comm. Inspired by the tragic tale of love, people began to exchange romantic messages on 11 February, the date of his disappearance. Today, Coramor traditions include the exchange of gifts and comms between lovers, travel to romantic destinations, and the sending of comms into space in hopes of attracting new love. Some celebrants will use the day to send comm messages to lost loved ones. The colors pink and black, the same as the livery of Yuri's ship in Coramor, are associated with the holiday.

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