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Tide was an anti-Messer resistance movement responsible for airing footage of the Massacre of Garron II to the people of the United Empire of Earth (UEE), thus catalyzing the events that led to the anti-Messer Revolution (11 April to 3 May 2792). Cells of Tide were distributed on most Human-inhabited planets in and around the UEE, especially Rytif (Bremen II), Terra (Terra III), and Tohil III. Their command structure gave each cell individual autonomy while limiting their knowledge of other cells so the organization could not be compromised should a cell be lost. Over the years, the Tide claimed responsibility for staging protests, distributing anti-Messer information, and attempting to emancipate political prisoners. The full extent of their operations were made public after the fall of the Messers. They managed to recruit members of the UEE Senate including Erin Toi, documented atrocities committed by the Messers and even coordinated with Xi’an sympathizers to smuggle political activists through Xi’an space. Tide’s contacts within SSN/CAtv helped them interrupt Spectrum broadcasts on 11 April 2792, sparking a direct coup against ImperatorLinton Messer XI.

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