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Citizens for Pyro

Citizens for Pyro is a civilian non-profit organization that hopes to expand the non-outlaw population of the Pyro system until it has a stable enough community for the United Empire of Earth (UEE) to finally claim Pyro as its own. Madge "Dash" Hartford originally established the organization in 2950 with the goal of eradicating all criminals from Pyro, after her best friend Kyuwa Endicott was caught in the crossfire between rival gangs and killed. After leading multiple missions into Pyro to hunt down outlaws, Hartford concluded that the only way to truly make the system safe would be to increase the viability of non-criminal settlements and attract commercial interests to the area. Over time, and with the backing of commercial enterprises, she believes that civilian interests will grow powerful enough to overpower Pyro's criminal element. Since then, Citizens for Pyro has been recruiting new members and raising funds to establish a major settlement on Bloom (Pyro III).

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