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Abeni Okon
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    Mars (Sol IV)

Abeni Okon (2157 - 2252) was the first Human born on a planet other than Earth (Sol III). Her parents, Kinah and Madu Okon, were early colonists of Mars (Sol IV), the first planet successfully terraformed by Humans. Okon was lauded in the media as a symbol of human ingenuity and perseverance, partially due to the failure of the first Mars terraforming project in 2125. Though her parents made an effort to keep her safe from the spotlight, she was hounded by media orgs and parasocial strangers. In her late teens she embraced her fame, making appearances at any party and bar willing to pay her fee, engaging in frivolous spending, and making ill-advised investments. The media that once lauded her began to predict her downfall. However, in her late 20s, she withdrew from the public sphere without explanation and started working in community outreach programs. She moved often, and always to areas that needed help. Her final public appearance was in 2232, as the guest of honor at the launching of the colony ship Artemis. She died of natural causes in 2252 and is buried on Mars. Her birthday, 18 March, is celebrated as a Human holiday, particularly on Mars.

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