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Orison is a city based on a series of interconnected floating platforms located in the upper atmosphere of Crusader (Stanton II). Originally constructed by the United Empire of Earth (UEE)Navy to provide repair facilities for their capital ships, Crusader Industries looked at the existing infrastructure as an ideal location for their commercial shipbuilding operations. Over time, as the city drifts from its position, it must be occasionally moved into safe orbit by the synchronized firing of large thrusters built into each platform. Due to the gas giant Crusader's natural beauty and the presence of unique fauna such as the stormwal, Orison has become a popular tourist destination for visitors to the Stanton system. Cloudview Center serves as the main hub for habitation, tourism, and commerce. The Skyway Shuttle provides public transportation between platforms.


In the mid-2800s, the discovery of natural hydrogen and oxygen on the low-mass gas giant Stanton II made waves in the UEE. Colonization of a gas giant, long considered impossible, was now in reach. Initially, the planet was claimed by the UEE Navy, who constructed a series of platforms in 2855 designed to float in the upper reaches of the atmosphere in a region with gravity friendly to Human as a way to work on its capital ships in a breathable atmosphere. For a few years, a skeleton crew served on the platforms, conducting repairs as needed for the vessels that passed through the system.

When the UEE made the decision to offer Stanton II up for sale in 2865, CEO of Crusader Industries Kelly Caplan purchased it. She considered the latticework of platforms the ideal place to save credits on the manufacture of their massive ships. After officially taking possession of the planet, CI converted the main capital ship repair drydock, Providence Platform, into a manufacturing center for commercial spacecraft. The company went on to save 40% on ship construction costs after only a year.

Caplan's success earned her a position of trust with the board of directors, who were initially skeptical of her plan to buy Stanton II. Her next proposal, to use a portion of the company's new profits to develop the platforms beyond the shipyard complex, was approved the day the documentation was submitted. She named the settlement Orison after an old Human word for "prayer," in reference to what she described as the "meditative nature" of Crusader.


Named after the founder of CI, the August Dunlow Spaceport is the city's main point of entry and is connected via Skyway Shuttle to the industrial district's Providence Platform and the commercial and residential district's Cloudview Center. The Cloudview platforms contain residences, shops, places to eat and drink, a Crusader Industries Showroom, Orison General Hospital, the Crusader Visitor's Center, and other amenities. Parks and other plant-filled areas built to invoke nature are scattered throughout each district. The iconic hosanna tree that decorates the walkways was created by CI to withstand high winds and low humidity, to self-pollinate, and beautify Orison with its pink flowers.


Orison enjoys a steady stream of tourists to the Stanton system, drawn to Crusader for its scenic aspects and unique ecosystem. Visitors interested in the skies of Crusader can visit the Grande Observatory underneath the visitor's center, which provides views of Crusader's prismatic clouds. Storms deep in the atmosphere can be observed there, along with passing animals that live their lives in the air.

One such animal, the stormwal, is another of Orison's main attractions. A colossal creature that can grow up to 100 meters long, the stormwal is a planktivore that subsists on the thousands of tiny plankton-like animals that float in the currents of the wind. Enthusiasts can board a Discovery Tour to visit the nearby Stormwal Sanctuary and observe these majestic fauna in their natural habitat. Those more inclined to stay in Orison can visit the stormwal statute "Until Then" by artist Biphasha Zhu in the Cloudview Center.

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