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The Tevarin are bipedal beings indigenous to the planet Jalan (Elysium IV); formerly Kaleeth. In 2541, Human researcher Dr. Kellar Lench discovered a jump point into their system. At that time, the Tevarin were capable of space flight, quantum travel, and had highly developed shielding technology. Their society was martial, built around the warrior ethos of Rijora.

The Tevarin attacked the United Planets of Earth (UPE) upon first contact and sparked the First Tevarin War(2541-2546), which they eventually lost. Their systems were annexed into the UPE and Humans set up colony towns on the Tevarin homeworld.

Surviving Tevarin were either absorbed into Human society or spread outwards in a diaspora. After the Second Tevarin War(2603-2610) ended in a similar defeat, the majority of Tevarin renounced their culture in a movement known now as the Tevarin Purge, and fully assimilated into the United Empire of Earth (UEE). As a subset of the UEE, many Tevarin, due to myriad social and economic factors, have historically been involved in the criminal underworld, but a growing number have become involved with public service and a burgeoning cultural revival movement.

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