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    A reveler on Day of the Vara dressed as Neville Lott

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    United Empire of Earth

Neville Lott (2851 - 2917) was a Human serial killer who hunted, captured, dissected, and dismembered seven hikers in the Tecuya Mountains in Vastac, Terra (Terra III) during the 2880s. After losing his twin and parents in the Fall of Caliban in 2884, Lott, heavily burned and injured, was evacuated to Terra. Through his rehabilitation, Lott showed signs of extensive psychological trauma based on the horrific violence he had witnessed during the attack. He disappeared soon after his release from the hospital and was not heard of until several hikers went missing. When captured by Advocacy agents in 2891, they determined that his modus operandi was to seek out potential targets by posing as a hiker and joining people on the trail. He would then return to his potential victim’s campsite at night wearing a mask stitched from a gunny sack, abduct them to his long-term hideout in the mountains, and dissect them alive. Lott refused to seek any kind of insanity plea at his trial and was convicted without presenting a defense. He died in prison in 2917.

In her book Unspeakable Evil, Paula Qi presented evidence from childhood associates that Lott exhibited homicidal tendencies before his trauma on Caliban, and has criticized popular dramatizations of his crimes such as 2902 slasher vid The Hill Horror for implying that the events on Caliban turned him into a killer.

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