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Ulysses Messer X

Ulysses Messer X (2702-2781) was Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2751-2781. Before becoming Imperator, he served as High-Secretary under his uncle Galor IX from 2722, overseeing the reconstruction of government buildings in the Meta-Baroque style of architecture. As Galor IX's health declined, Ulysses took on more and more of his day-to-day duties. After taking office in 2751, Ulysses directed most of the UEE's resources into completing the reconstruction project. During his time as Imperator, he stripped down environmental protections, raised taxes, lowered the minimum working age to 10, decreased government oversight of industry, suspended minimum wage, expanded police powers, rewrote treason laws, and enacted mass deregulations. His son, Linton XI, staged a coup in 2781. Ulysses X committed suicide before Linton XI's agents could reach him.

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