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Citizen Day

Citizen Day is a holiday observed annually in the United Empire of Earth (UEE) on October tenth. It was established to recognize the achievements of Humans who have attained Citizenship through civic responsibility, military service, altruistic work, or other positive and impactful contributions to their communities. It is also the day in which new Citizens are formally recognized. The recognition ceremony takes place at the Citizen Day Conference (also known as CitizenCon), an event held in a new city in the UEE every year.

It was seen primarily as a bank holiday until 2734, when Galor Messer IX used xenophobic propaganda to turn it into a tool boost military recruitment and held lavish celebrations in honor of Citizens’ sacrifices for the betterment of the UEE. In the second half of the 28th century, anti-Messer activists on Terra used the holiday to recruit others to their cause. After the Messers fell, the new ImperatorErin Toi held the first Citizen Day Conference in New York City, Earth (Sol III) on 10 October 2793.

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