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Six Ways Racing Club / 006

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Welcome to the Six Ways Racing Club.

We’re space bike (and racing ship) enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Our goal:

To race our speedsters six ways from Sunday!

>>Give us a shot, we’re commitment-free! Also, find us on Discord >>here.


Birth of a Racing Club

Following the passage of the HuXa Trade Initiative, Aopoa’s Nox was finally released and adapted for human use. What was once an expensive endeavor turned into a readily-available vehicle for enthusiasts who had the passion, but not necessarily the means, to obtain and ride.

With the sudden upsurge in Nox ownership, a small group of individuals promptly formed a club reminiscent of Motorcycle Clubs and Riding Clubs of old, but with a racing twist in the style of existing race teams… a hybrid club for the 30th century!

Six Ways from Sunday

An old expression, it still represents exactly what our club intends to do and who we are: we want to use our space bikes in every way possible, especially for cruising, riding, and racing. Although the club’s formation was initiated by the Nox’s appearance on the market, we’re about action as much as ownership, and so our primary intention is on doing pick-up races anywhere and anyhow, using any manner of ‘space bike’ available, be it the Nox, Dragonfly, X1, or whatever else.

We are also open to all other types of racing, including traditional ones on pre-determined tracks with Origin (and other) ships, or completely new and strange ones, such as our very own Anvil Terrapin Bumper Cars™ (rights reserved by the Six Ways Racing Club). Of course, this also means that we are open for freelancing, if any of our members finds the time to represent our club for any contracts. Otherwise, when we just want to relax, well, we’ll just cruise and ride together!


Please see below for all notable updates for our club!

  • 2947
    • December
    • November
      • 27 – The SWRC has hit the century mark in membership!
      • 23 – The call for officers has unofficially ended.
      • 16 – The SWRC has entered friendly relations with >>the United Armistice Association!
    • September
      • 30 – A call for officers among current members has been undertaken.
    • July
      • 30 – An elaborated Hierarchy Structure has been posted internally for all members to review.
      • 27 – The SWRC is now 80 members strong! Life patches to all members up to 80!
    • June
      • 27 – The SWRC has hit the half-century mark!
      • 27 – Public recruitment now under way.
      • 26 – The Six Ways Club page is now complete.
      • 25 – The SWRC is now 40 members strong! Active patches to the first 40!
      • 24 – The Lazy Sunday Bar is open on >>Spectrum and >>Discord.
      • 23 – Official formation of the Six Ways Racing Club.
      • 22 – An idea is hatched among a passionate few.


Fortune Favors the Bold

The SWRC intends on exploring every option available in terms of racing, but will first and foremost be focused on light-vehicle competition (Nox, Dragonfly, etc.). Below are some examples of the types of races we intend to organize, when we are not just cruising around and enjoying the sights!

Impromptu Pick-Ups

  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes’
  • Locations: Scouted locations on moons and planets, or marked courses in asteroid fields
  • Logistics: Open internally to SWRC members and any guests, announced via the Lazy Sunday Bar

Modified Drag Racing

  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes’
  • Locations: Anywhere a circular track can be delineated
  • Logistics: Open internally to SWRC members and any guests

Obstacle Course

  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes’
  • Locations: Delineated tracks around/through terraformers and satellites
  • Logistics: Open internally to SWRC members and any guests


  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes’
  • Locations: Scouted locations on moons and planets, or marked courses in asteroid fields
  • Logistics: Open internally to SWRC members and any guests, the use of disabling weapons is allowed

Traditional Racing: the Murray Cup Racing League

  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes,’ with the possibility of traditional ship-racing
  • Locations: Old Vanderval, Rikkord Memorial Raceway, Defford Link
  • Logistics: Regular sign-up, as an individual or a group

Anvil Terrapin Bumper Cars™*

  • Vehicles: Nox, Dragonfly, other ‘space bikes’
  • Locations: Scouted locations on moons and planets, or marked courses in asteroid fields
  • Logistics: Open internally to SWRC members and any guests who own a Terrapin, collisions encouraged

*Rights reserved by the Six Ways Racing Club

Note: All of the above is subject to change (modifications, removals, additions, etc.).



The following are some frequently-asked questions, with corresponding answers. For anything else, please do not hesitate to join us on Discord or by sending @Darath a message.

01. Q. “I’m already part of another organization and might not be able to devote enough time to you guys. Is that okay?”

A. That’s completely okay. We’re enthusiasts and hobbyists, out to have some fun on our space bikes! Join us anyway if you like what we do, and we’re sure you’ll find the time to hang out with us at least once.

02. Q. “Are there any club responsibilities? Do I have to do anything?”

A. The only responsibility you have is to bring your space bike or racer ship when you’ve got the time, and cruise, ride, or race with your fellow members! Bonus answer: you don’t owe any dues, tithes or fees either!

03. Q. “What kind of space bike should I own? All your ads and posters have the Nox on it!”

A. Any space bike is ok. For now, that includes the Dragonfly and the Nox!

04. Q. “What if I don’t own a space bike?”

A. You’re free to join us as well, since we dabble in official racing, and would like to get serious there in the future. We’d need a variety of different roles to make this happen, not to mention that it’d be helpful for the club in general anyway, since many of us will be going as fast as possible on our space bikes, even outside of races.

This would include positions for tweaking wizards, pit crews (with maybe a Crucible), people managing check points, maybe some pilots flying Reliant Makos for coverage, medical personnel in Cutlass Reds for SAR and treatment, and even streamers to televise races.

However, to become a Patch Member or higher, you will have to at least own a space bike and ride with us. We just love our space bikes.

05. Q. “Why Discord?”

A. It’s the best medium for communications at the moment, especially for our RC, seeing as how we’d do pick-up activities more than anything. We will use Spectrum concurrently as well, but it is lacking functionality (though 0.3.6 is lookin’ good!).

06. Q. “Can I leave the club? You guys aren’t some kind of vindictive biker gang, are you?”

A. Every member is free to come and go as they please, but anyone who wants to re-join must go through the promotion cycle again, starting from the lowest rank at which he/she was at last (up to Life Member maximum).

We want to encourage loyalty and cultivate a tight-knit atmosphere, so it would be better if everyone actually stuck around and participated in activities together. However, this is a club for a common-ground hobby, so there’s no reason to stay if you don’t enjoy it anymore.

07. Q. “How do I get promoted? Actually, why are there ranks in a hobbyist club?”

A. Promotions are mostly to show appreciation for loyalty or services rendered. Executive positions are for the more active members who are trusted to organize events on a regular basis, though anyone in the club can organize anything at any time, especially if it’s for racing or cruising together. That’s the point of our club!

Side note: We are in the midst of deciding on some kind of modified structure to allow for both casual and hardcore bikers and racers to get more engaged, but this is just an elaboration, and won’t change the basic premise of our club. Also, just FYI, the only difference between a Life and Patch Member is activity (ideally).

08. Q. “What are you guys really? A motorcycle club or a ‘motorcycle club’ (biker gang)?’”

A. We’re hobbyists… but you can call us what you want. Motorcycle club? Sure. ‘Biker gang,’ sure. We’re a club, pretty much a gang, of people, and we love our (space) bikes, so none of those names are lies. However, we do live by our Guidelines. Check out our Charter!

09. Q. “Will you be participating in and/or organizing events in the future?’”

A. We have members that are participating in the existing events, and in the future, if we can find a good way of managing our own biker races, we would not be averse to organizing events either. Some organizers for player-run events are already part of our club, so if there is any interest in a bike race, we will be sure to consider hosting one!

10. Q. “Why ‘Six Ways?’ What does it mean’”

A. Well, the reasoning is actually explained in our History section, but to reiterate here, just in case it was missed and for posterity, our club’s name derives from the old expression ‘Six Ways from Sunday,’ meaning ‘in every way possible.’

We love our space bikes, so we want to ride them in every way possible, which includes one of our main focuses: racing shenanigans! For the less speedcentric people, we’ll find different ways to fly them on cruise-control too, of course. There’s a time for speeding, and a time for cruising, and we’ll do all of that!


Membership Guidelines

Though there are no requirements to maintain membership, there are a few things that make SWRC members who they are. The following guidelines are what define the club.

  1. Be a space bike enthusiast who enjoys to cruise, ride, and race every so often. The more, the better, but there’s no minimum.
  2. Always stay on the lookout for prime locations for pick-up races or unofficial competitions.
  3. When showing the SWRC’s colors or patch, keep the club in mind; there are other members who would like to be known as hobbyists only.
  4. Be cool to your fellow club members. Help if you can, or back them up if you can.
  5. Have fun on your own terms, within the previous guidelines. The club is here to facilitate enjoyment, not force anyone into anything.


The SWRC has a leadership structure similar to the 1%ers of old, but that’s where the similarities end. Promotion in the ranks is based on trust, reliability, and a bit of seniority. As the club grows and/or its identity gets refined, so will its hierarchy and how members progress. At the moment, the available ranks and roles are listed below.

  • Ranks
    1. Prospect: Entry-level member, must be endorsed by a current member, or a partner member from another Organization.
    2. Life Member: A full-fledged member for life, promoted by member endorsements or the Custodian.
    3. Patch Member: An active and/or senior member of the club, one who keeps the club going and/or was important to it in some way.
    4. Road Captain: A non-executive highly contributing member of the club, determined via executive decision.
    5. Vice President: The leader of a chapter when the President isn’t around, this member also ensures proper functioning of the chapter.
    6. President: The leader of a chapter, a trusted member who runs the show and lives the guidelines.
  • Roles (main affliation only)
    • Herald: This is a spokesperson of the club, in charge of branding.
    • Spotter: This member is responsible for recruitment and managing applicants.
    • Custodian: A member who has this role is trusted with managing the hierarchy itself.
    • Benefactor: An administrative role only, reserved for the person(s) who maintain(s) the club.


As members slowly traverse the galaxy, the club itself may gather in different time zones and at different places. With enough people to form a group at a certain location, a chapter will be formed, which would operate independently from any other chapter. At the moment, there is only one chapter, and so this section is subject to change.


Here is a list of the terminology our club would prefer to use, adopted from the 20th century for the 30th century.

  1. Backyard – Where you ride often
  2. Boneyard – Salvage yard for used vehicles & parts
  3. Broken Wings – A patch indicating that the rider has been in a crash
  4. Cage – Ships, snubs, other transportation modes that are not a space bike
  5. Cager – Anyone who pilots/drives a cage
  6. Chopper – Space bike with the front end extended out, and the rider is sitting upright (eg Dragonfly)
  7. Chromeitis – The condition one earns when they just cannot get enough aftermarket accessories
  8. CLAP – Chrome, Leather, Accessories, Performance
  9. Colors – Club patch or backpatch
  10. Crotch Rocket or Rocket (short) – Space sport bike (eg Nox)
  11. Custom – Custom-built bike
  12. Cut – Vest or suit with club colors
  13. DILLIGAF – Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
  14. Fly Low – Speeding, afterburning
  15. Independent – Someone not a part of any club or group, but normally a part of the biker culture
  16. Ink – Tattoo
  17. Ink-Slinger – Tattoo artist
  18. LE / LEO – Law Enforcement Officer/Official
  19. MC – Motorcycle Club
  20. Prime – Location that is prime for racing
  21. Pucker Factor – Scale to measure a close call
  22. RC – Riding Club or Racing Club
  23. Rags – Also used to refer to Cut or Colors
  24. Ridin’ Bitch – Riding as a passenger
  25. Road/Code Name – Special name given to someone by his/her mates, usually after some kind of incident as an identifying nickname
  26. Run – Road trip with your mates, most of the time with a pre-planned destination
  27. Shiny Side Up – Ride Safe; Don’t Lay the Bike Down
  28. Turn your back – To fully dissociate from a person or club
  29. Twisties – Section of track with a lot of turns
  30. Wannabe – Refers to someone that tries to pretend to be a part of the biker lifestyle
  31. Wrench – Mechanic