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Unified Armistice Association / UNARAS

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Welcome to the

Unified Armistice Association

Diplomacy: Words are cheaper than bullets, ships and lives

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The UAA was founded in 2934. When large territory and trade disputes broke out between several organizations in several of the outer solar systems about 8 months prior.

What started as small banter between a few groups soon grew. Several other companies were pulled into the fray. In only a few short months, embargos set up by several organizations were making it difficult for needed supplies to reach their locations. It was not long before one organization retaliated, stepping beyond acceptable trade embargos and corporate espionage. The once popular and well established Trade organization known as UTCD contaminated millions of acres of food production belonging to several of their competitors. The results were tragic. Those who consumed it became deathly ill. When the contamination was realized, the remaining supplies were destroyed and thousands died from starvation. Millions of addition acres of crops were also destroyed as the contamination spread. Soon there was nothing to transport. Traders now out of jobs were forced to dabble in piracy in order to survive and have an income for their families. This was seen as an opportunity by several other less moral organizations to strike back at those they blamed. Soon shady deals were made turning traders into full on pirates as they launched attacks against other organizations they thought were responsible. Destroying more cargo and much needed supplies. Yet again raising prices of common goods beyond the reach of many common citizens.

Out cries from many of the systems were heard due to the loss of lives, starvation, outrages prices, and collapse of basic society, The UAA was founded by several of the organizations, the local populations, and local representatives of the UEE. With backing from the UEE military many of the orgs were talked down. Several organization leaders were captured and convicted for their atrocious crimes and sentenced to life in prison or death. With many of the leaders gone many of the organizations crumbled.

The UAA is now a popular and growing organization that has maintained peace and provides humanitarian aid. They further defend against companies who break or threaten the trade agreements and routes with in their growing boundaries.


DAY: 21 MONTH: 01 YEAR: 2947

Brewen Shaw elected Lord Diplomat

DAY: 31 MONTH: 01 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 5 members

DAY: 04 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

Oberon Interstellar Trading Company has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 06 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

Solarcorp has joined with the UNARAS.

DAY: 06 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

The Mandalorian Shadows has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 19 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 10 members

DAY: 23 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

The Astora Protocol has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 23 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

Entered into unreliable negotiations with the Angels of the Warp.

DAY: 24 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

Lupus Leonum has joined with the UNARAS.

DAY: 26 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

O.R.P.E.C. has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 27 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS entered into Reliable Negotiations with the Unified Alliance Fleet.

DAY: 28 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2947

Both SolarCorp and Lupus Leonum, were removed from the UNARAS

DAY: 03 MONTH: 03 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS entered into Reliable Negotiations with the Black Star Initiative.

DAY: 04 MONTH: 03 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 25 members

DAY: 14 MONTH: 03 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 50 members

DAY: 26 MONTH: 03 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 75 members

DAY: 10 MONTH: 05 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 100 members

DAY: 02 MONTH: 07 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 125 members

DAY: 22 MONTH: 08 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 150 members

DAY: 22 MONTH: 08 YEAR: 2947

Intergalactic Defense Applications Initiative has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 03 MONTH: 09 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 175 members

DAY: 08 MONTH: 10 YEAR: 2947

The UNARAS reached 200 members

DAY: 11 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2948

Wolves Den has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 13 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2947

Rookery Starfleet has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 14 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2947

Interstellar Venture League has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 15 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2947

Aesir Industries has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 15 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2947

Six Ways Racing Club has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 19 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2947

UNARAS reached 225 members

DAY: 08 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2948

Horizon Industries has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 10 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2948

Universal Planetary Trading Coalition has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 11 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2948

Xenosystems Exploration & Survey has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 21 MONTH: 05 YEAR: 2948

Citizen’s Coffee Company has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 21 MONTH: 05 YEAR: 2948

The Scarlet Order has partnered with UNARAS.

DAY: 6 MONTH: 08 YEAR: 2948

UNARAS reached 250 members

DAY: 10 MONTH: 08 YEAR: 2947

Iron Horse Industries has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 11 MONTH: 08 YEAR: 2948

O.R.P.E.C., was removed from the UNARAS

DAY: 4 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2948

Vault Tec Corporation has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 4 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2948

NorseLine has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 4 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2948


DAY: 4 MONTH: 11 YEAR: 2948

Valkyrie: Security and Logistics has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 4 MONTH: 12 YEAR: 2948

Last Exile has partnered with the UNARAS.

DAY: 26 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2949

UNARAS reached 275 members

DAY: 27 MONTH: 02 YEAR: 2949

UNARAS entered into the Star Citizen Medical Alliance Association.

The years of silence: For two years the org fell into a quiet period. With no medical or VIP transport mechanics in game we got quiet. But with the addition of medical tools and hospitals, we have began to wake up and begin getting active once more.

DAY: 01 MONTH: 01 YEAR: 2952

We awake once more ready to help those in need!

  • orgs that have joined the UAA are working partners and both actively strive to help one another where possible.
  • orgs that have entered into negotiations with the UAA are unaffiliated with us but communication is open to attempt to try and secure business transactions with them, through them, or uninterrupted by them.
  • negotiations break into four categories, Unreliable, Moderate, Reliable, and Perfect:
    • Unreliable: easily broken from the other end.
    • Moderate: Seems stable but has occasional break down.
    • Reliable: Negotiations have been a mostly positive experience.
    • Perfect: Have never had any issues or treaties gone bad.


We are the words that pacify the conflict;
The beacon of light in the cold darkness of space.
We build the bridges that bind the stars and each other;
We are the men and women of the United Armistice Association.

Rules & Regulations
We currently have 9 rules enacted for those wishing to become members. We are relaxed about them, but excessive failure to comply may cause issues.
- Enjoy the ‘verse. (Why else would you have this game!?)
- Have fun in the UAA (There are lots of areas you can be a part of, find out what you enjoy the most.)
- Most people have lives outside of the UAA and some even have lives outside of Star Citizen. Don’t forget that or hold it against them. (If it comes down to Star Citizen for a few extra hours or my mother’s funeral it isn’t a hard choice. I’ll be here, but I don’t expect the same from you.)
- Try and keep foul language to a moderate level. However, we understand some situations may require escalation of language. (Like when you are drunk and trying to tell me off in French… you know who you are.)
- No Drama. (If you got it, we don’t want it.)
- There is no set age limit. However, we want mature individuals and usually accept those 125 years old and over, but if you feel you can conduct yourself in a reasonably mature manner you are welcomed to join us. (We all experience moments of child-like behavior, what we don’t want are those who experience moments of adult like behavior.)
- Try and help fellow members and orgs of the UAA. Someone needs a ride and it isn’t too far out of the way, why not? Need to ship some product try and choose one of the UAA member orgs to ship it. (You could save 15% or more by switching to UAA.)
- Mic check, one, two, one, two. A microphone and speakers/headphones is an essential part of communicating with your team. If you don’t have some, try and budget it in. We are relaxed about this and will give you time to get them. Higher positions and leadership roles especially will require these. (You can not give direction if those helping you, can’t hear you.)
- Piracy is a no no. As a member of the UAA we do not condone piracy especially while operating during an UAA mission. This is grounds for immediate termination. What you do on your own time away from the UAA is your own business. However, your personal problems and choices could reflect negatively on us. If this becomes a problem for us we will immediately cut ties with those casting bad light upon our organization. (Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Hahaha. I love that word… guilty!)

Time Requirements
This is a basic idea of most positions and the time requirements to maintain that job. Certain times or events may increase or decrease the time needed to perform the required duties. Individual jobs and their time requirements will be posted in the UAA manual found in our discord text channel “company files.”
Members: minimal. We recommend you check in at least once or twice a week. See what is on the job board and if any events are coming up that may interest you.
Org Position: minimal/moderate. Working in an Org Position we recommend you check in every couple of days or more. Management may be counting on you to help complete a job
Management: moderate to heavy. We need you here. You are responsible for anything from a single mission to controlling several groups and missions at a time. Try and check in every other day or each day if possible.

We know some orgs feel they should be the only thing in your life. At the UAA We want to encourage each player to go out and explore other orgs. We would rather have you doing what you enjoy then feeling forced into something you do not. Simply put, we do not need to be the center of your ‘verse. However, those who honor us with making us their main org and spend time doing things with in the org such as missions and events will have better advancement opportunities and possibly other bonuses.
Please keep in mind that being a member of an organization partaking in criminal activity runs the risk of shinning bad light onto you. This could reflect negatively on us. We can not have a members tainted glow ruining our reputation.


Our objectives:

The United Armistice Association pursues diplomatic means to resolve and maintain the partnerships, trade agreements, and contracts between numerous organizations. Our objective is to always maintain peaceful relations and good communication to the fullest of our abilities. The Unified Armistice Association also helps to provide humanitarian aid efforts to those in medical need, stranded without fuel, those suffering with out food and supplies, search and rescue, assistance to those who are new to space travel, and much more.


The UAA Council: The Unified Armistice Association Council is made of 13 members. The highest-ranking position High Lord, followed by four lords to lead each of the UAAs main Divisions, then a Public Relations Officer, Financial Advisor, and Treasurer, finally five member representatives to help voice the concerns of the members. The Council helps guide the future of the UAA by helping set goals, reviewing and changing rules, and resolving issues that arise.

Diplomatic Division: This area is the secondary focus of the organization. It is made up of diplomats, clerks, scribes, and delegates. These members help keep open communication between different orgs and with us. They help promote trade deals, trade routes, partnerships, and protect the peace between orgs and reduce any tensions or hostilities that may arise. Diplomats and their teams are often assigned to several other organizations and travel between those orgs in order to ensure good relations and receive up to date information and relay trade

Arbitration Division: While diplomacy and peacekeeping is our objective, sometimes you need security to keep your members safe. The Arbitration Division is made up of fighter pilots, ship crew, and soldiers. Their job is to oversee security for the Diplomatic Division and the Altruistic Division. In the words of the former Lord Arbitrator Atticus Servos, “Peace is a great thing to aim for. I believe in it and I fight for it. However, sometimes words will not talk down a pirate, but a barrage of bullets will put them down.”

Altruistic Division: The Altruistic Division is the soul of our organization. Its focus is on charity and goodwill. They organize donations both to the org and then turn it around and give to those in need. This area is made up of medics to help in war torn areas or areas contaminated by outbreaks. Farms serve a purpose with the generation of food that be used to help areas in drought or famine. Transporters who can receive donations and then deliver resources to areas in need. Search and Rescue would also play a role in helping those stranded in the darkness of space.

Aerozenith Division: Aerozenith is the VIP transport division of the Unified Armistice Association. Transporting the rich and famous across the stars to the most luxurious of locales. With their primary focus being the belt between Sol and Terra. The rich and famous choose Aerozenith first because they know they are not only getting the premier travel experience, but because they know the profits from their adventures go to help the trillions of citizens in need across the stars. Aerozenith is the sole financial backing of the whole Unified Armistice Association. While other divisions may help bring in some occasional income, it is Aerozenith we relay on most heavily. Aerozenith pays our members, it supplies resources for those in need, refueling for those trapped in space, and supplies search and resue along with combat medics and doctors for the frontlines of the Vanduul attacks.

Here at the United Armistice Association we know not everyone has the time to dedicate their whole life to charity. We do not want you to. Yet, if you feel the calling to help improve our ‘verse. To make the cruel cold darkness of space a little more accepting and hospitable, then join us as an affiliate. We will call upon you in times of need and let you know what objectives we are working on. If they match up with your schedule and interests. If that calling grows we always have room for those looking to move up. Come and see if we are the correct fit for you and your own personal goals.


We plan to implement only a few methods of financial support. Some organizations and companies dabble in all areas and do well at it. Here at the UAA, we are more focused on only a couple options and plan to excel in those few areas.

Primary sources of income:

Diplomacy: Because that’s why we are here. Finances will be generated from negotiations between parties. Everything from trade talks, acquisitions, trade routes, business deals, we are even up for talking down a hostage situation if it pays well enough. A large part of this requires a constant and up lines of communication between us and those we work with. Everyone in the ‘verse is out to make a life for themselves how they see best. We just want to help smooth out some bumps along the way.

VIP transport: We created a dedicated VIP transport fleet. It is well equipped for the needs of our VIPs. A large number of 890 Jumps sit ready to be called forth. For those wanting something a bit smaller they can rely on any of our Constellation Phoenix or 600 series to get them around. We also have a large number of Genesis Starliners running only 1st class seating across the Sol – Terra Belt everyday! If you need a quick jump across the star system our 85X personal pilots can help get you to your business meeting on time!

Donations: This method would be a great means to help fill in any gaps. It is however an unreliable source as the income can fluctuate according to generosity. However, our diplomats will be going out and working toward creating secure means of donations to help fund our efforts in keeping our ‘verse unified.

Vessel Rentals: We own several extra ships that could be rented out to help fill the gaps in your organization’s needs. We have ships such as trade vessels, personnel transports, even fighters we have had donated to us and have in stock with no current use for. These could be rented out as you need them. Affiliated organizations even get awesome discounts on top of the already great rates.

Secondary sources of Income:
These means of income are something we hope not to have to use. They are however back up options in the event extra income is required.

Trade: Not our specialty and not a means we hope to have to rely on. We do have a handful of trade vessels.

Member Dues: While this option has been considered, it is a method that will always be a last resort and one we hope to never have to implement.


Donations are a large and very important part of what the UAA does. We accept donations from orgs and players then turn around and redistribute them to those in need such as new players, small orgs, and those who have been victim to piracy or other disaster.

Receiving Donations: The UAA sets aside a good sum of their profits to be used as donations or to buy supplies for donating. Traditionally 25% of the UAA profits are placed into this account. This number is subject to grow to larger percentages in times when the UAA has fewer purchasing expenses, but should never drop below the 25%.
The Altruistic Division is actively accepting and requesting donations from orgs and players. Accepted donations range from money, food, medical supplies, gear, even ships. These supplies are put into our inventory to be used as donations later.

Giving Donations: The UAA helps in a handful of ways in their humanitarian efforts. Resources collected from donations to the UAA from other orgs and members along with 25% or more of the UAA’s income will be put aside as donations to those who need it. Those qualifying for donations include gear for brand new players who may need a little help getting started. Small orgs that are less than 20 members. Helping repair damaged ships or those injured from pirate attacks, especially in areas we had route negotiations set up in. Helping those in need of jobs by providing employment opportunities through our partnering Organizations. Protecting and housing refugees facing all out loss on the front lines of the UEE and Vanduul conflict. We even have a medical team that travels from location to location near the front lines giving free aid to soldiers and those who fell victim to the Vanduul attacks.