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Eleventh Hour / 11TH

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    Bounty Hunting

“The Eleventh Hour”

A private military group specializing in missions and contracts normally considered too dangerous (or borderline insane) for others to attempt…

“We’ll be there.”

TeamSpeak Server:, no password







The 11th came to life when a large portion of the fighter-pilot group of [REDACTED] organisation decided to go AWOL and band together for what they truly excel at – providing security services in cold, unforgiving space, having a ball whilst doing so and to bring a jolly good laugh into the silence of the cosmos.

For a hefty, albeit well-earned fee, of course…

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….

What is the Eleventh Hour?

The Eleventh Hour‘s purpose is to gather the best of the best fighter pilots from the European timezone under one banner. The intent is to keep “The 11th“ relatively small and exclusive to the European timezone…

…That said, players from other countries are certainly welcome if they can fit in within the organisation’s timetable and fit in mentally with the rest of the group, as we do not want to alienate anyone who is a perfect fit for our merry band of disgruntled and grumpy rascals.

Overall, the objective is to have a group of people that get on well with each other, cooperate even better… and always have fun when playing together, even in competitive environments.

And what will it grow to, time will tell…

What will Eleventh Hour do?

The organisation is primarily a Private Military Company for hire. We will take up on (almost) every contract that we find is lucrative (and insane) enough… And with the right incentive even those, which within more “civilized” part of the universe might be considered as … ”improper”.

Securing your assets, providing protection on excursions into deep, uncharted space, turning the tide of battle, infiltration deep behind enemy lines – you name it.

Bear in mind though, we’re the good guys…usually.

Eleventh Hour will also be competing in any online tournament and esport events related to Star Citizen – though participating in esport events is not mandatory!

What about Eleventh Hour’s lore?

The focus of the organization is to have fun and play the game without getting (too) hung up on lore and theorycrafting. At the end of the day, theorizing whether the Vanduul can actually speak a human language or not isn’t going to change the outcome of that heat seeking missile sneaking up on your behind.

If any member(s) decides to develop lore of the organization, that is perfectly fine and more than welcome: however always bear in mind that currently it is a secondary concern.

How is Eleventh Hour organized?

There are no ranks in the organization, only designated roles. The idea is to create an environment where members trust each other enough to make sound decisions. Any major decisions will always be voted on, though if speed is of the essence, decisions may be made immediately with any necessary remedying actions taken later. Having said that, there will be an organisation manager in charge of arranging matches and additional roles will be created as necessary.

Will I be expected to fly any particular ships?

Absolutely not. Any member can fly whatever they want, though it’d certainly be nice if they flew one that they’re good in! Being able to fly more than one ship will certainly be considered useful though and all members should at least be familiar with all ships currently available, in case we decide to ‘liberate’ a few.

How do I join up?

Just send a message to any of the current members and they will bring you to the attention of the organization. After discussion, you may be invited to join to play and fly with us in TeamSpeak for a time so that we can get to know you – both your skills and your mindset. This hazing period has an indeterminate amount of time.

Please do not get offended if we do not select you to officially join The 11th after the hazing period – you are always welcome to fly with us regardless of banner.

Unless you’re a wrong’un.

Then we’ll happily have you fly with us so we can shoot you down!

Why wouldn’t I want to join?

The organization will be focused on being a small, highly mobile and aggressive force, meaning a lot of single and dual seat fighter craft. We are not intending to acquire ships larger than say, a Redeemer, though in the future this could change depending on how the organization grows.

Needless to say, we aren’t going to sit around and do mining or research. That’s the kind of people we’ll be getting paid big bucks to protect from the less savoury denizens of the universe.








Eleventh Hour pilots adhere to the following code:

  1. Act with common sense and respect other players that deserve it.
  2. Outright homophobic / racist jokes & comments will not be tolerated.
  3. Each member speaks for the group as a whole, though actions may be reviewed by other members at a later date.
  4. When in combat, the designated commander’s authority is absolute.

… More to come.