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Welcome to The 3305 Local – Online Gaming Community!

3305 Local was forged in Anarchy Online in the fall of 2001. We are an online gaming community where people from all over our planet may band together to better their gaming experience. We’ve since been a part of most major MMO releases, and have a continuing presence in many multiplayer games. Our members are located primarily the Americas and western Europe, but we have members from all over the world. A working understanding (though not perfect) English is encouraged. Light roleplay encouraged, but not required.

“From the ground, up!”

3305 Local is looking for mature, friendly people who want to join an established, well respected organization.

We’re a group of adult gamers, that realize that sometimes, real life comes first. Our ranks are filled with husbands, wives, parents, and professionals that all have one thing in common… we want to have a good time, and we want to help our fellow Locals.

Please see our “Manifesto” for more about who we are and why we’re different.
Our CODE OF CONDUCT is located in the “Charter” section.

For more info, join us on our forums at

=History for in-game lore forthcoming=

Current Fleet Status


From the Office of the President Elect:

My fellow Locals, Today I’m sad to report the loss of one of our heavy patrol groups responding to the Vanduul invasion of the Vega System yesterday. The patrol group consisted of 3 Anvil F7 Hornets, and 2 Anvil Gladiators, in the hands of 7 brave men and women of 3305 Local.

I am proud to say that there was no hesitation in rendering aid to the citizens of Vega in their evacuation attempt. Our patrol engaging the Vanduul in the upper Vega atmosphere allowing an unknowable number of civilians to leave the doomed planet.

We of the 3305 should be proud that the bravery and sacrifice of these men and women show the rest of the universe what it means to be human, for they are the best representatives of humanity, as well as representatives of the bravery and courage of the 3305 Armed Forces.

It is my intent, as President, to commision a memorial (pending member approval) to honor their sacrifice, that future generations may always remember.

Thank you, and good night.
Michael “Longscope” Dresden, President Elect, 3305 Local



From the ground, up!

Unlike most guilds, we are a democratic guild – that is the members makes the decisions.

We felt that having a “top heavy” guild, where one or two individuals make the rules and dictate to all the other players wasn’t the correct way to have a fun, engaging guild.
So we remade it, “from the ground, up”. We created an organization where the leadership SERVES the membership. Our leaders are there as administrators and mediators, and more importantly, to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Our leaders and officer corps are volunteers, approved by vote of the members, and serve as long as they wish, or until removed via vote.

We also understand that sometimes, real life comes first.
We have no attendance requirements, no raid requirements, and no membership dues outside of any game.

No Drama

Our main rule is. No drama.
We don’t like it, and we don’t stand for it. We’re a group of adult gamers. If you have the maturity level, we’d like to welcome you.

Come join us!

If you’re a player who feels the same, please, come join us! We’d be honored to have you.


General Organization Governance

3305 Local is a democratic clan.

Any worthy issues facing 3305 Local members are decided on by a vote open to every 3305 Local member. Any issue brought to a vote will be decided within a period of 72 hours.

If an issue is unusually pressing or timely an issue may be temporarily addressed at the discretion of senior local members in a leadership position. If, at any time, any member feels a decision has been reached that deserved greater attention by members of 3305 Local, that member can call for a vote on that issue.

In fact, every member of 3305 Local can request a vote on any issue, though they are advised not to abuse this.

While no one must vote, all members are encouraged to do so, it is your right.

3305 Local members are expected to abide by all policy resulting from this process.

General Conduct

3305 Local members are expected to:

Give and promote the giving of items to others in 3305 Local who can make use of them, in most cases selling an item to the general clan public only after checking to ensure no one in 3305 Local could make use of it (use your own discretion for those exceptions).

Never demand or expect payment or other compensation for items donated to a clan mate or to 3305 Local for disbursement.

Never sell or give to someone outside 3305 Local any equipment given to you by 3305 Local or any of its members.

Refrain from begging for gear or unreasonable assistance in general, but especially in clan channels (as opposed to /tells to someone you think might have a certain item you’re looking for). Checking once or twice a day for gear upgrades or buffs/wrangles to equip gear is fine, but if you never speak on clan channels except to ask for gear, we all notice, and none of us like it. We especially do not want 3305 Locals to beg for gear, credits, etc., from anyone outside of 3305 Local

Refrain from knowingly accepting equipment from 3305 Local or its members that they cannot personally use for the purposes of later selling it or otherwise rendering it a non-resource for 3305 Local. Again: if you can use it, take it, but if you take it, use it. Any gear that is handed down from a 3305 Local to another should be recycled back into 3305 Local, either as-is or in the form of credits if the armor becomes obsolete. If you take from the system, give to the system.

Comport yourselves politely and reasonably to all 3305 Local members at all times—no flaming.

Refrain from shouting ((both /shouting and using ALL CAPS)) as it can be perceived as rude and annoying.

Respect agreed-upon protocol for meetings and gatherings (i.e. observing when another member has the floor and refraining from chiming in with comments or questions until directed to do so by a facilitator).

Support and generally assist 3305 Local members whenever possible.

Review 3305 Local’s website and message forums weekly or otherwise stay up-to-date on issues and events.

Whenever possible, support 3305 Local or its members’ public or private events.

Policy Regarding Treason

In general you can group or do what you want, but some special guilds will be designated as Allies or Enemies and in the spirit of fun they have special rules. 3305 Local members help their guild-mates and allies; but try to hurt their enemies by denying them services, products, or other support. We do not harangue or harass friends or enemies, we play the game for fun.

3305 Locals will refrain from teaming with, assisting in any manner, taking recurring and willful assistance from, buying any and all gear from, or otherwise associating with any and all enemy personnel, unless such activity is directly and substantially beneficial to 3305 Local, can be proven as such, and can be accomplished in no other manner. At discretion of the senior leadership or by Vote.

Therefore, to enemies, 3305 Local members will refrain from selling any armor, weapons, equipment, or other gear and all unless the gear being offered for sale is something common and readily available from vendors. Sales can be made to enemies, at exorbitant prices in an effort to exploit them.

We realize that not buying any items from those sources could represent a hardship in securing high grade gear. To combat this, 3305 Local members who cannot locate high-end gear or rare items should —and are strongly encouraged to— bring this to the attention of the 3305 Local officer corps, who will then do all that they can do to secure the goods and services needed, no questions asked, from undisclosed sources. Again: if you reach a point in your career where gear you rely on is difficult or impossible to find, 3305 Local will make it its business to secure that gear for you, no questions asked, from smuggling to commerce through neutral channels.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of 3305 Local membership.

Leadership Issues

Leadership in general is a complex subject and will have a different meaning to us as individuals who are formed by experience and cultural differences. We respect every contribution that is made to our community and accept the limit that our lives outside of the game places upon all of us.

Ambition. We expect all of those in leadership positions to be ambitious and to formulate and reach community goals, but never at the cost of other people in the 3305 Local community. The end doesn’t justify the means.

Mediation. We expect you to act as responsive and fair mediators in disputes within 3305 Local. This includes bringing previously unresolved issues to a satisfactory end.

Recruitment. Actively recruit quality people into the 3305 Local by observing, talking to, teaming with potential candidates. We expect you to keep current on recruitment policies.

Unity. Maintain a united front to 3305 Local members, resolving any open vote or issue of import in a polite, reasonable, respectful and timely manner and thereafter agreeing to be bound by the decision.

Task management. Actively manage the operation of 3305 Local, including member concerns and day-to-day issues that may arise.

Disciplinary Issues

3305 Local members may be immediately temporarily demoted, suspended or removed from the organization for any serious or repeated violation of 3305 Local Code of Conduct guidelines pending review and open vote on the forum. Any member thus demoted, suspended or removed should state their case in the vote thread. Other witnesses are also encouraged to post their views. This dialog should bring forth any extenuating circumstances so the membership can make an informed decision and hopefully clear the air between parties.

All voting results are binding upon members. But, game-play decisions can (and will be as the game evolves) be re-voted on as needed. Votes will be announced in the Message of the Day and on the forums.

Membership must be earned

All recruits will have regular access to 3305local in game and will remain recruits for 2 weeks, when a membership vote will be held. The prospective member will remain a recruit until a membership application and login is completed on our homepage at Once completed full membership and voting rights will be granted.

All votes will originate on the 3305local forums and most general business will be conducted there (to be re-evaluated once the RSI OrgForums go live), therefore it is important that members complete the application process (it’s quick and painless, we promise).