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9th Security Industries [POLICE FORCE OF SC] / 9TH

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Some of the universe’s greatest resources are threatened by increased greed and pirates. The 9th aims to protect our future, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can help at 9th Security Industries


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We Are The Protectors Operating From The Shadows

The 9th’s origins can be traced back to the year 2879 as part of a nameless security detachment assigned to the UEE SynthWorld project in the Chronus system. Their goal (given the threat of piracy, negative alien sentiment, and lawlessness in the region) was to defend the Synthworld’s construction while providing law and order to its airspace; creating a pre-established safe zone that would eventually facilitate peaceful living under UEE regulations. Highly trained by the Advocacy, the security forces were split into 12 groups in order to guard each of the Synthworld’s sectors effectively. It didn’t take long for the 12 security groups to create an umbrella of order and peace across Synthworld airspace. Safety and justice reigned under their watch.

In 2883, the Commander of the 12 security groups lost his wife and grandchildren to pirates operating just outside of their jurisdiction. Disillusioned by how the Advocacy left the case to pirate-harboring local authorities, the commander could no longer tolerate the crimes being committed beyond law’s reach and staged a bold political ploy in order to intervene. He submitted to the UEE that he felt it beneficial to raise Synthworld awareness and goodwill by having a few security groups tour the nearby systems for publicity’s sake. The UEE, already struggling to keep its project in a positive light, saw this as an acceptable act of diplomacy and granted the appropriate permissions for the tours. At the same time, the Commander repurposed the 9th security group to be a more aggressive and preemptive law enforcement unit (comprised of the best operatives for the most sensitive and dangerous assignments). The new 9th’s first mission: find the pirates responsible for the death of their Commander’s family members and bring them to justice. It was an overwhelming success.

By 2904, the 12 Security Groups of Chronus had become highly effective law enforcement contractors and vigilantes in the local systems. Some groups were occasionally hired to expand their areas of patrol by organizations impressed with their results (particularly members of the Allied Commerce Coalition). Their actions galvanized local law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. All such actions were kept off the books, however, as the security groups maintained their guise of touring to raise Synthworld awareness and this ruse was well respected. With the outlook of the Synthworld project worsening, the Commander was able to delegate more resources into upholding UEE law as far as his groups could travel. The 9th, meanwhile, was the most popular of all and had grown into a highly fearsome spec ops team that specialized in completing missions no one else would.. or could.. take on.

But the doors of fate would nearly close for them all in 2913. Three years after the infamous Vanduul attack on Squadron 42’s carrier, another large vanduul fleet was detected amassing near the outskirts of small human colonies and intercepted by the 8th and 9th security groups. In a surprise attack, the Vanduul were defeated before their campaign through human colonies could take place. That victory, however necessary, came at a terrible cost. The 8th had been completely destroyed and the 9th suffered substantial losses, but those heroic actions proved their worth to the galaxy. It was also the first large-scale battle to happen in plain view of the public; with a few onlookers taking notice of the 9th’s insignia.

No commendations would come of this, however, as the UEE now faced a political storm of controversy and criticism if word got out that those security groups were tied to the Synthworld project (a project numerous star systems away from the battle). With too much money and resources at stake, the eventual outcome was not surprising. No charges were filed. No statements or court-martials were given. All media regarding the event were either ignored or confiscated. To the UEE, none of it had ever happened. The 12 security groups were quietly disbanded and replaced by the UEE’s own 18th Battle Fleet that same year. What the UEE didn’t know, however, was that the 9th security group’s fame, connections, and amassed wealth alone had already made them too big to fail. The 9th absorbed all former security group members in 2914 and continued its operations as a true shadow police force. To achieve self-sustenance and extend their reach across the galaxy, the 9th was fully industrialized by 2923; joining the ACC as an official, public entity in 2944. Known now as 9th Security Industries, they forever stand watch as the sword and shield of the law; protecting the galaxy from the shadows with limitless jurisdiction, near limitless wealth, and overwhelming military power.


9th Website | 9th Benefits | 9th Forums | 9th Embassy | 9th Ranks | 9th Events | Community | 9th Store | Fleets

9th Security Industries is the organization others turn to. We want our part of the Verse and the others we protect to be safe for any who enter. The 9th is known as the police of the Verse. We want our allies and friends to know they are in good hands and be confident their trading lanes and ships are safe when the 9th is around.

The 9th membership has a large contingent of current and retired law enforcement to include military and military police members from all over the world. If you are serving, retired, pursuing, or interested in law enforcement or military service, then the 9th is the place for you.


We are looking for inspired pilots to make up all the fleets the 9th has to offer. With decades of experience our leadership is dedicated to ensuring our pilots have the right ships and the right training. We are looking for pilots and crew members who are motivated and driven. Our jobs are dangerous, and we need members that appreciate teamwork and are willing to work with our other ship Captains.


We know allot of our pilots have families and other ambitions so we strive to create an environment that creates an experience you can be proud of. At the 9th we respect everyone, whether your members, allies, or enemies. We strive to create a fun and mature environment free from the drama that the Verse can offer. It is important to keep 9th members engaged so we offer everything from fleet competition to daily adventures. The 9th has a military rank structure, however we care about all our members opinions. We always first reach out to the 9th community for there point of view before the 9th leadership makes any decisions.

The 9th’s reach is world wide. We have pilots from all sectors of space. We want to ensure that our space is protected 24/7 so we look for pilots from all walks of life.


  1. Ships for new recruits. With a massive fleet including 4 Frigates, all new recruits will be given access to the ship that best fits their skills.
  1. Fleet Competitions. The 9th encourages competition and training so we will be holding weekly and monthly competitions. Rewards for these competitions can range from an Avengers, Constellations, or advanced new weapons and hulls.
  1. Resources. Don’t worry about AAA in space. We will ensure you never run out of fuel or weapons.
  1. Profit Sharing. With plenty to go around we will be giving a fair percentage of all the loot and incentives back to the fleet members
  1. Health Insurance. Don’t worry about getting blown all day. We will cover all repairs and fuel costs from any fleet activity or event.
  1. Communication. We provide a 500 person TeamSpeak, multiple established websites, and servers for the games we offer.
  1. Move Up The Ranks. There will be plenty of leadership roles to fill. If you think you have what it takes we will ensure you move up to where you need to be.
  1. Training. The 9th has been at this for over 15 years and we plan to pass that experience to all our members.


  1. Department of Galactic Justice – Our military is renowned throughout the Verse. We are consistently training S.E.R.T. (Space Emergency Response Team), Bounty Hunters, and Security Forces to secure our ships and the ships under our protection. We offer unique groups such as our Rapid Response Wing , Reaper Squadron, and Combat Search and Rescue Teams. The 9th Security Fleet will ensure our space and the space of our allies and partners are secure.

Department of Galactic Justice ————-> SECURITYSPEC OPSBOUNTY HUNTING – S.E.R.T

  1. Department of Logistics & Support- The DLS is comprised of the most dedicated haulers in the known Universe. Transporting loads of varying sizes through even the most dangerous of space lanes to get the goods to their destination on or before the deadline. The groups and wings under the 9th DLS Fleet will provide everything from routine restocking & refueling missions to deep space rearmament, repair and replace. You can expect to work with the best engineers that will ensure any modification or overclock you leave the hangar with will provide you with the best optimization for your voyage.


  1. Department of Resource Management – The DRM is comprised of the most technically savvy traders & explorers. With many new discoveries accredited to our names, we will never stop exploring and cataloging until we’ve recorded every square kilometer of space. The groups and wings under the 9th DRM Fleet will provide the most up to date data on jump gates and mineral rich asteroid and mining fields. Our production and trade units are second to none, always maximizing output and income. Where you’ll find our explorers, you are likely to find salvage not far behind able to collect and re-purpose many resources and vessels previously thought useless.

Department of Resource Management —————> MININGTRADEMANUFACTURINGEXPLORATION


What Makes The 9th Unique From The Rest?
  • In the 9th we have a saying, “there is a difference between the biggest and the best.” We define the best as the community all our members create. We want everyone to have a chance to be involved and be in the role they enjoy. The 9th does this by giving its members all the the tools they need from training videos, live chat, unique roles (such as the W.C.U. War Crimes Unit), Multiple websites, forums, tech support, and an IT department. we are highly funded and well organized. in the 9th your voice will be heard.

Is It To Early To Join An Organization?
  • Not the 9th!!! if you wait to join the 9th you could be missing out on getting new ships for your fleet. we do our best to keep our members enganged, even now in the pre-alpha phase. the 9th does fleet competitions, ship giveaways, and contests with rewards from new weapons to ships. we are doing weekend teamwork games with planet-side, warthunder, and world of tanks. join in on the fun now dont wait.

Will I Get Any Training Or Ships?
  • you will get all the training you need and we will do it in ways that you may get ships as well. “to be the best you have to prove you’re the best.” We have a link on our website dedicated to training & tips. You will find training videos, key-bindings, voice attack profiles, and tech support.

  • if its a ship you want, then you will have plenty of chances to earn one. once the Co-Op & Private matches launch the 9th will be hosting weekly fleet competitions. you will go up against other 9th members for the chance to win anything from a new single crew ship to advanced weapons. We will also be hosting monthly competitions where you can win a multi-crew ship if you’re good enough.

We are Recruiting Marines, Operators, And Pilots!

Keep up the Fire 9th.


9th Website | 9th Benefits | 9th Forums | 9th Embassy | 9th Ranks | 9th Events | Community | 9th Store | Fleets

———————————Rules & Guidelines—————————————-
  • 9th members may not join any other fleet or group with the exception of ACC Members & Ambassadors.
  • All member will respect the 9th chain of command.
  • Members will act with respect and follow all 9th Forum rules.
  • No lying, cheating, hacking, discriminating, name calling, or disrespecting of members or players in our servers, TeamSpeak, or in-game.
  • 9th members will avoid internal conflict and always act in the best interest of the organization.
  • If a member is not comfortable with a decision or action of another member or officer he or she must go to the next rank in line as soon as possible (in private).
  • All members will represent the 9th by using all tags or logos.
  • At NO time will a member engage allied forces unless in self-defense.
  • If a member will be gone for long periods of time they are to inform an officer to avoid being kicked for inactivity.
  • All new members must report to the 9th forums for role call and new member orientation.
  • Members will respect the privacy of other members and the 9th. Any information on the forums or shared in TeamSpeak will not be shared outside our secure network.
  • Members will NEVER take matters into their own hands we are all here to work together,
  • Lying, cheating, hacking, or trolling will not be tolerated.
  • The 9th has zero tolerance, rule breaking will result in swift action and could result in dismissal.
————————9th Security Industries Command————————-