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A³ is a selective group of like-minded people. We don’t have recruitment open but that doesn’t mean we won’t recruit people who we consider upstanding members of the community. We choose our members based on their positive activity in the community and how we feel they will fit into our group.


Oh, we’ve done lots of cool stuff. We hang out in chatroll, and Skype, and use the forums. Totally.


I has a manifesto.


So, [A³] was started as a lark, but we’ve grown into what has become a well-respected fleet…. The reasons for this are listed below.

If, after reading our values, you have an interest in applying; leave an introductory post on this thread and the recruitment officer will be in contact with you.

I don’t really have any definitive plans as of yet… Beyond:

have a sense of humour and be able to give as well as you get
cognizant of the only thing I’m intolerant of is intolerance.
18+ (or be able to act as such… [I.e.: No trolling, no ‘bragging’ about how stoned/drunk/high you are, etc…])
able to be self-sufficient but willing to work towards common goals
aware of and thus abiding by Wheaton’s Law
knowing that being offended is a conscious choice, and choosing not to be.
drama does not belong here, and will not be tolerated.
…and just wanting to enjoy the company of other like-minded and rational individuals.

If you have ever posted a [CONCERN] or [OPEN LETTER] thread, cried ‘foul’ at ship changes before the stats even have a value assigned to them, demanded that CIG make changes to suit you, if ‘Care Bear’ is in your vocabulary as a reference to anything other than the American Greetings/Kenner product or if you have ever uttered the words, “I paid for this game, and I have the right to…”, you are not welcome here.

There are no ship requirements (I have them all. Need one? We can work out a loaner plan…).

This is going to be an extremely laid-back fleet.

I don’t have any expectations of active duty, but I do expect you to be competent at whatever path you decide to follow;

If you’re a pirate, be a damned good one.
If you want to play the market, be a mogul.
If you want to be a jack-of-trades, make sure you’re prepared for what may come along.