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Australian Federation Pilots / AFP

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Welcome Pilot,

Have you come to join the AFP? The Federation needs all the OCEANIC PILOTS it can get these days.

Have a look through our organisation below and join us today!

You can find much more on our site: Australian Federation Pilots


Who Are We?

We are an Oceanic based fleet of pilots looking for others to help us shape and grow the AFP into a strong multifaceted organisation.
The AFP caters for pilots with limited availability to be in space as well as the more hard core pilots that never want to leave their cockpit.

We have around 90 members at this point from places all over Australia and New Zealand and also a few expats who join us from countries outside the Oceanic region.

How Are We Different?

We understand that life and work gets in the way and the pressure of committing a certain amount of time to other organisations can be daunting.
This is why we believe that each member should have the flexibility to be in space when they able to and not what is dictated to them by the people running the organisation.
The AFP has a council made up of five members who will take any ideas that our members have and vote on them.

Under the AFP banner we have 4 sub-divisions who look after different areas of interest for us.


2085 – The Warning

The government is given council by ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) that the changing weather patterns are going to get worse over the next century to the point where Australia could become uninhabitable.

The government benches the data citing that they have been given data from other organisations showing the levels are not as dangerous as thought.

2107 – The Decade of Death

All the warnings were there, but we chose to ignore them.
We only acted after the destruction of our cities…

March 22nd it all started.
The sea levels had been rising year after year and the weather only ever got worse.

Sydney was the first to be destroyed, within a matter of days millions of people were killed. The population of Sydney were given no chance; the government just couldn’t believe that it was going to be as bad as it was.

Not long after, each major city fell upon the same fate…
In 2110 Melbourne was hit and in 2112 Sydney was hit again and so were Brisbane and Melbourne. Adelaide and Perth fell under the same hammer in 2115. The destruction continued randomly up until 2117.

2119 – The Light through the Darkness

The government had failed to act and continued to show incompetence by failing to get proper disaster recovery plans in place.
By this point most cities were barren wrecks of their former selves. Some had returned to reclaim the land that was taken from them but there was no way to bring them back from where they were.

A committee was formed to come up with ways of recovering the cities, but with the world being so unpredictable it was agreed that the population needed to move further inland and start over.

Australia needed direction and guidance, the government had lost the favour of the people and out from this grew rebellions and prophets.
Through a thousand words came hope. It was impossible for most to be heard through the noise but the party had prevailed and pushed their words to all that would hear it.

Australia was no longer a large land that could be governed by individual states; they needed to be governed by one voice that spoke for the people and not over them.

Thus the Australian Federation was born.

2140 – A Ship in Every Garage

The Australian Federation had a limited supply of space bearing craft on hand.
For 21 years Australia had been getting back on its feet, spending money on the pursuit of space quest seemed like a futile waste in the view of most of the citizens.

The launch of the RSI’s first short-range explorer started a movement however.
Everyone wanted to get a hold of one. The rich were the first to take ownership of the craft but slowly even the less fortunate were able to take ownership of them too.

Realising the dwindling resources that Australia had left to export the Australian Federation decided that it needed a way to pool the resources of its populace and again come together to keep Australia a reality.

The formation of the Australian Federation Pilots was done.

2141 – The Australian Federation Pilots

The AFP sent envoys out to all the other countries that surrounded it. They were looking for pilots willing to use their time to assist Australian in its endeavours.
Many scoffed at the thought of flying under the name of a country that was not their own, others were sympathetic to the cause and jumped at the chance.

Without a doubt the path that was being walked would be hard. We expected no easy way out of this but had learnt back in 2119 that even the smallest idea can bloom into a new frontier.

Since this year the AFP have been sourcing pilots from all over Oceania to join our cause.
One step after another, we will explore these sky’s and we will keep Australia real.

We march to the words – A fair go for all.


We Aim To Be The Biggest Oceanic Organisation of Casual Players

The Australian Federation Pilots come from a long history of multiculturalism.

We have come a long way from the past and believe in inclusion and not exclusion and a ‘fair go for all’.

We grew up on a continent with vast areas on land between us and are used to having to travel long distances to get places.

Our intentions are to explore the four corners of this universe and are motivated by the unknown.

Join us.

AFP Are Looking For Alliances!

If you are an organisation based in the Oceanic region, we are looking to form alliances with you!

We are looking for:

  • Organisations or Corporations of any size
  • Do not engage in piracy
  • Looking to form long lasting relationships that will benefit both

Current Alliances


Rules All Members Must Follow

  1. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for sexism, racism, intolerance and bullying, any member found behaving in this manner will be removed from organisation, and your behaviour will be advised to your future ‘homes’.
  2. To always remember that as part of this organisation you are carrying the reputation of every other member aligned with us. If you want to stay please carry yourself in a proper manner.
  3. If there are any problems within our organisation please bring it to the attention of the CEO.
  4. As a member you must be active on our forums ( by submitting a post at least once within a 30 day period. If you have not been active then you will be moved to the inactive area or kicked from the organisation at the discretion of managers.
  5. If you are going to be away for a long time please bring it to the attention of the CEO.
  6. As a member of the AFP you are expected to follow the rules of charter and all changes to the charter going forward. Any changes to the charter will be announced on our forum (


We are still working out the future of the rank names but we are currently using the following ranks.

  • Cadet – After the release of the DFM all new members to the organisation will receive this rank.
  • Pilot – New members before the DFM release will receive this rank. Those that join after the release will require 3 months of commitment to the organisation to receive this rank.
  • Squadron Leader - After 12 months of commitment to the organisation you will receive this rank
  • Wing Commander - You have earned Corporal and have stood out from the other members
  • Space Marshal - You have earned Sergeant and have been of great help to the organisation
  • Chief Space Marshal - The highest appointment in the organisation. You live for the organisation.

What We Expect Of Our Members

  1. Represent the AFP as best you can
  2. Display the AFP signature in your profile
  3. To be in game when you can
  4. To get involved in the running of the organisation
  5. To have fun