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Aoraki Legion / ARKLEGION

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Aoraki Legion, an Oceanic tightly knit organisation that is about community and refinement. We aim to be anti-pirates, because preying on the weak is for the weak, and also intend to have provisions for RnD with our home on the southern rim. for more info


Aoraki Legion is the culmination of multiple small groups from a variety of games –

We hail from World of Warcraft where a few of us participated in heroic raiding together.

EVE online where a few of us hang out in Northern Providence with the rest of us grinding ore and missions alike.

Battlefield 3 / 4 where we were aiming at competitive play with our own server, but with the result of BF4’s bugs and resultant low population Oceanic servers, this has gone on hiatus until things pick back up.

League of Legends where a few of us played casually hovering around silver / gold

DayZ as you can see below which we will continue once vehicles get in the game

Planetside 2, a game we frequently return to, to hop in and blow off some steam on the OCE server as alumni TROLL members by killing some TROLLs and TR(NC is our dirty pleasure).

Starbound where we like to run a server when other things are down.

Path of Exile to fulfill our gore fix.

And many more, as you can see we like variety and multiplayer teamwork and we trust that Star Citizen will deliver!


Aoraki Legion aims to be a community focused on working as a team to complete objectives in the oceanic timezone. Recently after the depression of BF4 we’re looking to rebuild and expand our member base.

aL is a 18+ clan, but we accept others in special circumstances, we follow the golden rule, treat others as you’d like to be treated, as in, don’t be a dick.

We chose to be anti-pirates because though we like getting our own way and our own bit of ‘trolly’ fun, we also prefer a challenge over easy pickings. We try to follow this practice in games like dayZ aswel and therefor we see our organisation following the route the likes of the U.S. Marshals as we patrol the southern rim systems from Idris to Fora.

Though the above is our aim, we welcome anyone wishing to fulfill the rest of the game, as we will probably end up in dabbling in a bit of everything.

We do not only look at PVE, and welcome those that prefer the challenge of AI and the dedication of industrialism.

We welcome role players, though our current member base may not be in-depth into roleplay, the leadership respects and accepts those that express themselves in this way, with a few of us even attempting to write fan-fiction.

We require the use of VOIP to participate in the clan, we have a team-speak server @


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