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Alpha Team Space Command / ATSC

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Freelancing
  • Security

To provide resilient and affordable military capabilities to allied forces.

To ensure the reliable use of the space to allied warfighters and civilians.

To safeguard the freedom of the universe by supporting all activities.

“Guardians of the High Frontier”




Lore Timeline:

  • Earth’s resources are completely depleted. A race to claim every ore bearing rock in the solar system begins.
  • Tension grows, and nations compete for ever declining resources, and expand their military capabilities in space.
  • EuroFed deep space survey ship Argo is impounded by S.D.R.A.F. Coalition Forces, three ships are destroyed in the ensuing police action. Negotiations fail… and war breaks out.
  • The war escalates, and military resources on all sides are rapidly depleted.
  • The final fleet action takes place at Nereus Harbor, orbiting Neptune. Within days the battle is finished. Damaged and badly irradiated, the flagship Damocles is the only cruiser to survive the conflict. The war is over. Powerful multi-national corporations unite to take control and restore order to the tatters of society. With little remaining military or financial resources, Earth’s governments are stripped of their powers and are forced to demilitarize. The construction of capital-class armed spacecraft is outlawed.
  • The corporations continue the exploitation of space, making vast profits to further strengthen their position. Earth’s coalition government is allowed to create a multi-national force to keep order in the colonies. This force would eventually be named after the last great Earth based special forces squadron that led a heroic last stand against the flagship Damocles during the war.
  • The Alpha Team Space Command (ATSC) is born.
  • The ATSC was decommissioned due to the rise of other powerful Earth-based peacekeeping organizations.
  • The ATSC is re-established by Alpha-Wing as a Security and Freelancing organization.
  • Alpha-Wing re-vitalizes and re-structures the ATSC as a neutral Para-Military Company organization.

Lore Narrative:

The ATSC was created in 2090 out of government necessity to keep order in the new space colonies.

Nobody ever intended to join the ATSC, a lot of Vets did though after the collapse, but most people had enough of all the killing… and killing is what it’s all about.

When they first hit the colonies, the ATSC operated like any other Earth based force. They got slaughtered by the truck load, and it became clear that the frontiers required a more forceful type of policing.

Back then, Close Air Support was introduced in the shape of the AG-60 Havoc. Most Vets flew those babies on Mars during the war, and they were past their prime even then. Lack of funding from Earth meant that those ships were still on front line service. Second-hand machines flown by second-hand crews, which didn’t make the job any easier.

Back then, the ATSC was supposed to represent government authority in the colonies, but most of the smart pilots knew the score. Keep the population under control, and try to turn a blind eye to any shady corporation deals.

The ATSC was made up of all volunteers, usually Vets with time on their hands. There were a few high-minded idealists who thought they could make a difference, but the majority were just running from problems back on Earth.

The ATSC never did ask many questions. If you were willing, and you were up to it, you were in – and the same is true to this day.

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Bottom line up front: We are the best, most active (see our ATSC Discord Server), and fastest-growing TRULY military-based NEUTRAL PMC in Star Citizen!

We are the best military based Organization in the ‘verse, since we are led by an actual real-life military officer! If you are also in the military, or have honorably served in the past, we will automatically promote you to the ATSC rank of Captain! But more about us: we are an aspiring group always looking for supportive and positive players to fill our ranks! Alpha Team Space Command (ATSC) specializes in freelancing and security, and we support all play-styles available in Star Citizen. Regardless if you want to play as a pirate type or a security contractor, we have the organization to handle it all! For freelancing, each of our members have the right to play on their own and make their own money, resources, etc. But when a member needs help, they can call up ATSC support and we will dispatch assistance as needed! On the security side, Headquarters ATSC (HQ ATSC) will bid on, apply for, be hired for, or otherwise create and/or manage applicable operations independently of members. Then when ATSC is contracted or deployed in some manner to complete a security job, we will advertise that to our members via our Spectrum Page in order to build a fighting force. It is completely up to each member if they wish to take part in any mission.

But overall, the ATSC is about doing what you want, but having the support when you need it! It doesn’t matter if you want to play as a pirate type or a law enforcer, play one hour a week or 8 hours a day, regardless of your play-style or time limitations you would be a valuable member of our PMC and we have a spot for you!


If you are a member of a different organization, no problem! Join us so we can build a relationship between us so that we can prosper together! We can provide mutually beneficial support and services. On our side, the ATSC can protect transports and cargo, eliminate or capture High-Value Targets (HVTs) and/or High Value Individuals (HVIs) as the law permits, provide a defense for a specific location or person, conduct Search & Rescue operations, and more! For more information, please contact the ATSC directly.


We need new recruits to fill our ranks! As such, we are constantly looking for new and active members to make up our PMC. In Star Citizen, there is safety in numbers, so recruiting is very important. We want every member to feel welcomed and want to stay, so we aren’t here to make your life harder if you join us. If you decide to join, you will have a reliable and respectable team behind you wherever your journey in the ‘verse takes you, so don’t worry about egotistical clan representatives or the like!

We aim to provide support to not only our own members, but the ‘verse as well. Need back-up for a mission? Just call in support! Someone stole your ship at Security Station Kareah while you were performing guard duty? Just request an evac! Need a ship? We will spawn you one! Want to find the best weapons, armor, and ship upgrades? Just say so and we will put together a scouting party! Want to freelance and do your own thing? Good luck! You get the picture here, play however you want, and get rewarded for it!

Additionally, for people looking to trade or find new resources, jump on board! We want to organize scouting parties to look for and secure new areas with high end and rare loot! We will also organize trading routes for our members to utilize in order to take advantage of the market! The more we get, the stronger we all will become!

When further updates are released, we are going to stand up an organization bank and marketplace where we can pool, share, and trade resources, that way we can fund important missions without expecting our members to take on any unnecessary monetary burdens. We also want to build powerful bases all across the ‘verse in order to establish safe trade routes and bring the fight closer to our enemies. To do this we are aiming our sights at owning our very own Bengal-Class Carrier (if that’s even possible, if not we will get something else), but that will take time and resources so the more people that join us the faster we can get there! Bottom line: we want to look after our own and become one of the leading security organizations in Star Citizen!


  • Space forces support, involving the launching of space assets and other high-value payloads into space using a variety of expendable launch vehicles and successfully organizing and operating those assets once in the medium of space.
  • Space control, ensuring the friendly use of space through the conduct of counterspace operations encompassing surveillance, negation, protection and space intelligence analysis.
  • Force enhancement, providing accurate space conditions, communications, intelligence, hostile warning, and navigation.


  • Freelancing
  • Security
  • Escorting
  • Dogfighting
  • Boarding
  • Scouting
  • Policing
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Search & Rescue
  • Transporting
  • Engineering
  • Infiltration and exfiltration
  • Smuggling
  • Exploration
  • Resource Gathering
  • Mining
  • Salvaging
  • Trading
  • Contact with New Species and Technologies
  • Piracy and other illicit activities


  • We are looking for members all over the globe to create a 24/7 ATSC availability. It doesn’t matter how many hours a week you play, we are just looking for interested players!


ATSC will become one of the most professional and self-sustaining PMC organizations in Star Citizen. We want to secure our member’s expansion and dominance by providing the best resources possible to allied forces. We will go where no other PMC would dare to go, we will operate in both safe and unsafe areas and bring pain to anyone who stands in our way. We want to explore and protect new areas, and even set up bases all around the ‘verse to expand our influence. In time, we will rise through the ranks as one of the top organizations in the ‘verse! We want to find new systems, technology, and ships as they are released, as well as obtain the best military equipment we can find. As we grow in strength, we will be able to issue out weapons and equipment to new players to help them get started through the use of our Armory. But we can’t do any of this without a readily trained fighting force, so if you are new, feel free to join and we will help you get familiar with the game!

Our last major point is that we want to become the most technologically advanced PMC that Star Citizen has ever seen. To do so, we need your help! Unlike other organizations, we will have active members who will be ready to go on missions and help the group succeed. Other organizations advertise 24/7 capabilities but a lack of activity is evident. Please join us to make this dream a reality!


  • A SUPPORTIVE TEAM: Have backup whenever you need it!
  • THE BEST EQUIPMENT IN THE GAME: This will give you an edge against your adversaries!
  • SAFETY IN NUMBERS: With a large, well organized, and strongly equipped fighting force, we will be able to stand up bases in the far reaches of the cosmos!
  • WEALTH: We want to share and pool resources in order to give incentive to explore the ‘verse, complete missions, and increase ATSC participation. The more you help out the more powerful we all become! Details to come!
  • GLORY: You will defeat adversaries, lock up enemies, protect your values, explore the unknown, and become a legend within the universe!


The first thing we want to say is that we aren’t here to boss you around and tell you how to have fun. You are free to do what you want, we specialize in freelancing after all! We have a command structure to help keep things more organized and keep us operationally ready. The only time we would ask that you listen to higher ranking individuals is if we are conducting a more organized operation of some kind, where obviously command and control is necessary. But the thing is, you don’t have to be involved in that if you don’t want to be, it’s completely up to you! If you would rather go exploring, then feel free to use our Spectrum, Discord, etc. to contact other members and set something up if you want! If you need help, just ask and we can set something up for you! More information about our Roles, Ranks, and Structure is located here.


We also have a proven command structure that will allow us to have the proper amounts of command and control for official ATSC missions. It allows us to have centralized control, but decentralized execution. This is one of our master tenets, and allows us to provide theater-wide focus while allowing operational flexibility to meet objectives. What this means is, you will be a part of an organized mission without being micromanaged at the tactical level!

This is all possible through our Major Commands, or MAJCOMs for short. MAJCOMs are strategic echelons directly under HQ ATSC that provide high-level leadership and supervision for specific mission-sets. For example, the Air and Space Materiel Command, or ASMC for short, is responsible for resource collection (such as mining and salvaging), as well as providing theater-wide hospital-based medical support and more! Each MAJCOM has a specific mission-set and are considered the experts for the missions in which they are assigned. The best part about it is that you can move in between these MAJCOMs as you see fit! This lends itself perfectly to those who have multiple ships, we set up a unique way of building our units so that all players (casual, regular, or dedicated) can hop in and enjoy joining or even leading their own ATSC unit!

As a member of the ATSC you are essentially a protected freelancer. You are free to play the game however you want, and you will not be forced into any specific mission. If you are requested to join an operation and go on ‘Active Duty’ you will have the choice to accept or deny that mission request. There will be no repercussions for denying the call to Active Duty, but there will be incentives for you to accept the missions that you might miss out on. More details about this system are located on the ATSC Spectrum Page.


In order to hold a certain position, Guardians will need the appropriate rank. For example, to be a Squadron Leader, a Guardian must at least a Captain in rank… but not all Captains will hold a Squadron Leader position. Our ranks are listed below:

  • ATSC Ranks:
    1) Space Marshal
    2) Colonel
    3) Major
    4) Captain
    5) ATSC Guardian
    6) Coalition Forces


We wanted to be clear, as RSI only gives us the option to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to role-playing. ATSC is not inherently a Role-Playing organization, however, we won’t stop you if you want to role-play! So long as it is tasteful, fun, and not illegal!


  • Fly
  • Fight
  • Win



As time goes on, the Commander (Alpha-Wing) will update this page accordingly. Please contact him with any questions you may have, or check out his profile to learn more about him. We hope you will join us and become a Guardian of the High Frontier, thank you for checking out our page, and good luck out in the ‘verse!


ATSC Commander





1. Preamble:

The ATSC Charter will be the official written guidance for all ATSC personnel and all their associated accounts and serves as the ATSC’s Constitution. This document is the cornerstone of all ATSC laws, rules, and regulations. This guidance will be followed as intended by the ATSC Commander so long as a player is a member of ATSC, regardless of whether or not they read or understand its contents. If a problem arises, it shall be reported to anyone available on the ATSC Command Staff. However, the ATSC Commander has the final say in all decisions. All ATSC Guardians (i.e. all members) have a responsibility to uphold the rules recorded in this Charter.

By the authority of the ATSC Commander: ATSC Command Staff will have the authority to enforce ATSC by the application of the punishments written herein:

2. General Rules:

1) As a member of ATSC, you cannot engage in griefing or trolling of other members.
  • If any ATSC Guardian engages in griefing or trolling of other ATSC members (this includes creating a negative/hostile gaming environment); punishment for this offense will be the demotion of one rank; after the third offense, the member will be kicked from the ATSC.
2) Be respectful, ATSC will not tolerate hate speech, sexual harassment, or any type of discrimination among players.
  • If any member is reported and/or found conducting, or supporting this kind of behavior among players, then they will be immediately banned from ATSC with extreme prejudice.
3) All ATSC Guardians must be able to speak, write, and read English as this is our main language of communication.
  • If any member is found to be unable to comply with this rule, they will be kicked from the organization.

3. ATSC Core Values:

1) Authenticity – Authenticity inspires loyalty and engagement, helps create trust, drives innovation, and builds great community experiences. We in the ATSC believe Authenticity to be a main factor in what allows our members to thrive and grow within the ATSC.

2) Trust – Trust is the foundation for what allows the ATSC to function as a cohesive unit. It’s also what allows our members to act with courage, and with strong deliberate actions. We expect our members to act with consistency and compassion, to communicate properly, and to operate with competency.

3) Respect – Respect is what allows our members to feel safe and express themselves within the ATSC, and it’s what helps us build such a strong community. We pride ourselves on having members from all over the world, and as such, do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, sex, or creed.

  • All Core Value violations shall be brought before the Supreme Allied Commander of the ATSC for judgment. If the Commander finds that the member violated the ATSC Core Values, then they shall be immediately banned with extreme prejudice.

4. Operational Security (OPSEC):

  • When it comes to the operational security of ATSC forces, assets, interests, etc you are expected to keep ATSC information protected from other organizations regardless of your affiliations. Conspiring with the enemy, giving unauthorized information to foreign organizations, or stealing ATSC property of any kind, and in any way, will result in an immediate ban from the PMC.
  • On the matter of negative content about the ATSC on the internet, you are hereby directed to abstain from any attacks until you consult with an ATSC Command Staff or Peacekeeper first.

5. Unit & Command Requirements:

  • Any matters that would reasonably influence, affect, or harm any other members or the ATSC as a whole must be reported to your chain-of-command so they can make the appropriate decision. In order to protect our members and the well-being of the PMC as a whole, it is vital that important matters are dealt with at the appropriate level of command.
  • All ATSC personnel are expected to follow all lawful orders given to them by their chain-of-command, and/or superior ranking officers during officially accepted operations. If a member should find themselves in an ongoing operation they were not aware of, in good faith and conscience, they should assist with the ATSC mission. If they should refuse, they are required to vacate the combat zone immediately.
  • Any ATSC personnel found to officially accept a mission, then enter the mission area in-game, and subsequently and purposefully exits the mission area (this doesn’t include accidental disconnects, emergencies, or other reasonable situations), will be guilty of desertion and will lose no more than 2 ranks, and will be suspended from missions for no more than 2 weeks. Two offenses of desertion will result in a ban.
  • ATSC Age Requirement Policies: You must be at least the following ages to be appointed to the following ranks and positions listed below. Note that there is a difference in the age requirements depending on whether or not the position to be taken is considered to be a ‘Command Slot.’ Command Slots are positions where a member would be undertaking a Commander or Leadership role within the ATSC. Waivers may be granted on a case by case basis exclusively by the Commander of the ATSC:
    • Space Marshal:
      • Command Slot – 24
      • Non-Command Slot – 23
    • Colonel:
      • Command Slot – 23
      • Non-Command Slot – 22
    • Major:
      • Command Slot – 22
      • Non-Command Slot – 21
    • Captain:
      • Command Slot – 18
      • Non-Command Slot – No Age Requirement
    • ATSC Guardian:
      • No Age Requirement
    • Affiliate:
      • No Age Requirement
  • ATSC Activity Requirement Policies: You must be at least this active in order to be appointed to the following ranks, waivers may be granted on a case by case basis exclusively by the Commander of the ATSC:
    • Space Marshal:
      • Dedicated – (6+ days per week)
    • Colonel:
      • Hardcore – (5+ days per week)
    • Major:
      • Above Normal – (4+ days per week)
    • Captain:
      • Normal – (3+ days per week)
    • ATSC Guardian:
      • Casual – (no time requirement)
    • Affiliate:
      • Casual – (no time requirement)
  • If you accept a mission, your ship may be commandeered by the ATSC in order to properly organize and execute the mission requirements, you are required to assume the risk that your ship may be damaged by enemy forces or by other factors. Your ship may be commandeered by anyone in the ATSC at the order of a member of proper rank and authority, and that ship may or may not be at your specific command or influence. In other words, the ship may be assigned to any member of the operation if absolutely needed, but leadership will make all possible efforts within mission requirements to associate you with your own ship. This regulation supersedes your right to your own purchased ships for the duration of the missions that you accept. If damage or harm occurs to your ship during the operations that you accept, ATSC will not be held at fault and you waive your right to compensation. However, the ATSC will in good faith and conscience help fund repair costs to the best of their ability for those damages that occurred during operations. If it is found that the Commanding Officer (CO) of your ship during the accepted mission was neglectful, and damage occurred to your ship because of it, that CO will be held responsible for the repairs of your ship and any additional damages you may have suffered.
  • As a Commanding Officer (CO) of an ATSC unit such as (but not limited to) a MAJCOM, Wing, Fleet, Squadron, Flight… or of a ship, vehicle, or base – you assume responsibility that everything under your command does and/or fails to do.
  • Members who aren’t officially designated as ATSC Peacekeepers are not authorized to represent the ATSC in any type of official diplomatic capacity.

6. ATSC MAJCOM Regulations:

  • A MAJCOM will always have an ATSC Space Marshal in command.
  • All ATSC members may join a MAJCOM and any subordinate unit, including Affiliates.
  • A member will be recognized as a member of a unit by simply expressing that they are a member of that unit and/or joining the associated unit’s discord channel. However, they may not be in two different units at the same time.
  • Members may not be associated with different levels of units within the same MAJCOM at the same time. For example, a member may not be acting as a group commander while being a member of a fighter squadron. A member can only be in one unit at a time, including units within their own MAJCOM.
  • All ATSC members are authorized to use unit-specific decals, emblems, mottos, and so on if they hold primary membership to that particular unit at that time. The unit they associate with at that specific moment must match the decals, emblems, mottos, etc that they portray.
  • A member may change their MAJCOM and unit at their will, but they must change any associative information to portray their membership to their new unit.
  • A member may not be a member of one MAJCOM and be in a subordinate unit of another at the same time.
  • Guardians DO NOT need to join a MAJCOM at any time. All Guardians that are not a part of a MAJCOM will be an ATSC Freelancer, and will still be a protected member of the ATSC. Freelancers are authorized to group up with other Freelancers and enjoy the ‘verse in anyway they see fit.
  • A player may play with other MAJCOMs and their subordinate units, and support them in their missions without being a primary member of that MAJCOM. If a member chooses to do this, they would fall under the command of that MAJCOM for the duration of the mission(s) in which they are supporting, or they will be under orders from their home unit to assist in some manner.

7. Unit Leadership Regulations:

1) Below are the ranks will be required in order to be authorized to lead a particular level of unit:

  • MAJCOM: Space Marshal
  • Wing: Colonel
  • Group: Major – Colonel
  • Squadron: Captain
  • Individual Teams, Elements, or Squads: Guardian
  • Affiliates are not authorized to command any unit within the ATSC, but they can participate in most ATSC activities unless stated otherwise.

2) Taking Command of an ATSC Unit

  • Taking Command: In order to take command of a unit, you must first hold the proper rank (as designated above). Once you hold the proper rank, you are authorized to take the leadership role of the level of unit authorized. To take control of a unit simply join the discord channel dedicated to that particular unit. If nobody has yet taken command of that unit, you will be its commander until you log off regardless if someone else of higher rank has joined your unit. You will be in charge of your unit, and all subordinate units. However, the subordinate units will not be forced to follow your orders until the commander of each unit agrees to the mission requirements you put in place. They are NOT required to take tactical orders from you if they do not accept, they will only be required to take orders if their commander accepts the mission requirements or ATSC HQ requires it for an emergency. If a unit requires a leader but nobody is present of the required rank, a lower-ranking member may lead a unit until someone of proper rank arrives. For example, a Guardian can lead a Squadron until a Captain arrives.

3) Responsibilities as Commander:

  • Besides leading your unit in Star Citizen as you see fit, you have other responsibilities too. If any arguments or other problems occur in your subordinate units, they must follow the decisions you set forth. Your job as a unit commander is to moderate your units and relieve any inner-conflict that occurs. Remember the ATSC Core Values (Authenticity, Trust, and Respect) and do your best to help your unit function in a fun, yet effective manner.

4) Appeals:

  • If any subordinate units disagree with an important decision you’ve made, and if the situation is serious enough, then they may appeal the decision to the next person in the chain of command. If that person agrees with your decision, then the decision is final. If they disagree with the decision, then your decision gets overruled. The commander who has been overruled (in this case, you) has the ability to appeal to the next person in the chain of command (above the commander who just overruled you) until it either gets resolved or reaches the ATSC Commander himself. Keep in mind, the matter must be serious if it is to be elevated to this extent, if the matter is too trivial, the highest level commander who is brought into the appeal process has the option to punish the members involved.
5) Bypassing Leadership Policies:
  • It is forbidden to bypass the intent to give everyone a fair chance at commanding a unit. For example, you may not stay logged in indefinitely or ‘hand off’ the leadership position to a friend for them to take over until you return.
6) Conflict About Command:
  • If there is a question as to who should take command of a unit, the commander of the next highest level unit will make the decision. For example, if two potential squadron commanders are fighting over the command position, their group commander will determine who takes the position. If the commander of the next level of unit higher is not available, continue moving up the chain of command. If nobody is available, the person who joined the ATSC first (as per the RSI website) will take command.

8. Organization Memberships:

1) You cannot have a hidden or redacted membership with the ATSC. Exceptions apply, read below.
  • If any ATSC Guardian changes his/her affiliation with the ATSC to hidden or redacted, they will be warned and shortly kicked from the PMC thereafter if it isn’t corrected.
  • If you are a member of Alpha Special Operations Command (ASOC), you may be authorized to have a hidden affiliation with the ATSC. Speak with your chain of command to find out if you qualify.
2) You represent the ATSC at all times, conduct unbecoming of an ATSC member will be appropriately punishable. This is not to be confused with your right to commit ‘unlawful acts’ within the Star Citizen game (such as pirating or smuggling). This refers to examples such as racism and sexism.
  • Punishment decisions for this will be reserved for the Commander or his Command Staff.
3) While holding an ATSC membership, the advertising of other organizations on any of our forums, chats, voice channels, etc. without the Commander’s approval is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, poaching.
  • Punishment for this will be an instant ban from the ATSC.

9. ATSC Communications Policies:

1) General Policies:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. We’re all here to have fun, but real-world illegal topics, discussions, or media will not be tolerated.
  3. No harassing of other players.
Three Warnings:
  • Spamming/flooding chat in any channel
  • Abusing bot commands
  • Voice/sound/mic spam in voice chat
  • Advertising your server
  • Abusing link embedding
  • Spamming mod/admin everyone/here tags without reason
  • Using auto typers or other macro programs
  • Posting any adult content in public areas
  • Talking about real-life politics or religion via public ATSC channels
Instant Ban:
  • Posting any real-world illegal content

2) ATSC Privacy and Ethics Policies:

All standard mandatory ATSC notice and consent banners, documents, etc regarding ATSC Privacy and Ethics Policies, that are located on any ATSC Information System (IS), are to be read and obeyed by all members of the ATSC.

10. Your Rights

  • #1 You have the right to self-defense at all times, regardless of any Rules of Engagement (RoE) that is in place.
  • #2 You have the right to voice issues, concerns, feedback, etc to the ATSC Command Staff and the ATSC Commander in a confidential setting.
  • #3 You have the right to appeal all punishments with the Commander of the ATSC, unless he was the one ruling on the punishment initially.
  • #4 You have the right to be affiliated with other organizations of any kind, so long as they don’t interfere with ATSC interests.
  • #5 You have the right to accept, or deny any job opportunities the ATSC advertises.
  • #6 You have the right to own the ships you purchased yourself.
  • #7 You have the right to not be active due to real-life activities, real-life comes first!
  • #8 You have the right to pursue promotions within the ATSC.
  • #9 You have the right, to fight, for your right to party.

11. Additional Reference Information

  • #1 All offenses can be appealed to the Commander for reconsideration, given that he either a) didn’t previously rule on the case being appealed, and b) if he did rule in the case being appealed, it was not previously dismissed with prejudice.
  • #2 Any lesser offense (not resulting in being kicked/banned from the group) will be taken off the record after 6 months of good behavior. In other words, an offense will only stay on one’s record for 6 months.
  • #3 Actions based on all offenses not listed, or punishments for offenses not listed within this charter will be reserved to the appropriate levels of command.
  • #4 This Charter designates that the Supreme Allied Commander of the ATSC is authorized to write Executive Orders as well as ATSC Codes into ATSC law. All members of the ATSC (unless designated otherwise) are subject to Executive Orders and ATSC Codes.
  • #5 PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THE ATSC CHARTER AND SUPPLEMENTARY DOCUMENTS ARE RULES ARE GUIDELINES FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR AND NOT AN IMMUTABLE CODEX DEFINING WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO. Resorting to literalism or rules lawyering is a weak and transparent defense and will be regarded as such. If your idea of a good time is to find ways to troll the ATSC without technically breaking one of these rules, know that you may still be sanctioned.

ATSC Commander