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Austac Trading Company / AUSTACC

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This Corporation has been founded for Austac to conduct dealings with other organisations and to create a larger Star Citizen community.

This corporation is open to mature players


This Corporation is under the Umbrella Organisation AUSTAC

Our Teamspeak is:

Our Website is:

Please note that AusTac is a community not primarily focused on Star Cititzen so we ask you be mindful of other people in Teamspeak



wealth and prosperity through trade and cooperation

If you prosper we prosper


Organisational Structure

Within the Austac Trade Company there will be Three Branches

Administration, Security and Trade/Mining

Roles of each Branch

Administration: Book Keeping, Communication, Identification of Lucrative Trade, Overall Organisation

Security: Trade Route Security, Trade Escort, Resource Security, Marines

Trade/Mining: Trade, Mining, Transport



At this stage there will be no fee’s to being a member, however as this community grows a small fee may be introduced so that AusTac may compensate Security personel


Code of Conduct
-No Piracy
-Passive Gameplay
-Assist those in need – Provided they didnt start the fight and without risking your own resources

Disclose Lucrative trade routes only with members of The Austac Trading Company