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Axiom Consortium / AXIOMCON

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A organization devoted to every aspect of the Star Citizen universe, AXIOM CONSORTIUM is for you who wants to go out into the universe with friends and others you know will have your back.



Scattered across the galaxy, from the darkest pits of despair to the highest peaks of the most treacherous mountains, the broken trudge onwards. Lost souls fallen from their grace by unspeakable tragedies, gathering to work for something – anything – to bring a bit of good into the galaxy.

We have found each other by our common desire to create something positive, but more importantly because of our instinct to survive. Having spent enough time alone we understand that safety comes in numbers, and it is time for us to take that security and make it work for us.

Together we will make a difference. Together we can ensure that the galaxy is just that little bit safer for those to come after us. Searching across the stars for the dangerous amongst us and surviving on the meagre rewards of a bounty hunter, mining resources or fulfilling tasks wherever we may be needed; we work towards a safer galaxy. A galaxy where we can be sure that the atrocities of our past may never be repeated.


What Is Our Aim
Axiom Consortium was founded by a small group of friends who are aiming to make an impact within the verse, while meeting new players, new and veteran alike!

Our Plan
Our goal is to have one Organization with a foothold in all activities within the ‘verse.
Axiom Consortium is our organization, but within the organization we will have sub-sections or groups.
These groups will work extremely closely with one another while forming friendships and loyalty within its members.

Axiom Security & Bounty Hunting can provide escort cover for branches such as Axiom Mining & Logistics, Axiom Medical can provide medical cover for all other branches, and run along-side the combat focused sections within the org, etc. Each section will have its benefits to others.

Our goal is to provide a sub-section for each activity so our members can find like-minded players to do their preferred activities with, all while having the option to call on another section, reducing the need (and cost) for out-sourcing help and focusing on making new friends.

We’re an easy-going, casual group who are open to all levels of experience.
If you have any questions, feel free to jump into Discord and message one of the officers, we’ll be more than happy to help.


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