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Roberts Space Industries ®

Bofors Interstellar / BOFORS

  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Exploration
  • Trading

Welcome to Bofors Interstellar.

Probably the best corp in the ‘verse
Discord Channel:


It all started with Elite 2: Frontier. In the 16-bit era some of us had Atari, others had Amiga. Our dreams and love for the stars have been realized in the form of Star Citizen (and Elite Dangerous).

We are a friendly group that has played many MMO:s together, but are always open to new people wanting to join us.
  • Based in Sweden, but with members from the United States, Norway, Canada, Ukraine and other countries

Games we play (aside from Star Citizen)

  • Warhammer – Vermintide
  • Zombie Army Trilogy
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Arma3
  • Diablo 3
  • Neocron 2
    …and many more


  • 2947-06-01 Alliance with Protectors of Verum dispanded
  • 2947-02-04 Alliance formed with Protectors of Verum (PROT)
  • 2947-01-03 A warm welcome to all of our new members!
  • 2946-22-24 Welcome Blade70 to our corporation!
  • 2946-11-20 Welcome to our new affiliate member KoosRis!
  • 2946-11-13 Warm welcome to our new members!
  • 2946-10-10 Alliance created with The Alliance (ALLI)


Bofors is…
… a profit-oriented exploration and manufacturing company that relies on the skills of our seasoned pilots, captains and crew.
Our veterans will help guide our new members to become our skilled spearheads.

We are a self-sufficient fleet ready for prolonged deep-space exploration

We offer:
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Exploration
  • Logistics
  • Repairs
  • Medical Services

  • 1x Polaris
  • 1x Starfarer
  • 1x Starfarer Gemini
  • 1x Endeavour Discovery
  • 3x Carrack
  • 1x Crucible
  • 3x Terrapin
  • 1x Caterpillar
  • 1x Hull D
  • 2x Consellation Andromeda
  • 1x Constellation Aquila
  • 1x Constellation Taurus
  • 1x Freelancer
  • 1x Freelancer DUR
  • 1x Hornet Ghost
  • 1x Mustang Delta
  • 1x Mustang Omega
  • 1x Avenger Stalker
  • 3× 85x

Other services available for VIP customers


What are the goals of Bofors
Our long-term goal is to become a top-tier manufacturer and distributor of more than weapons. Your trust is our responsibility

Internal Structure
For practical use Bofors will feature a relatively flat desicion tree. (IRL comes first)
  • For owners of big ships regarding income and distribution:

    1. 25% For the owner of the vessel.
    2. 25% For the Corporation.
    3. 50% Divided amongst the crew.

  • Always help a member in need
  • Treat every member with respect.
  • The primary goal is to have fun.
  • We are mature gamers (30+) that understand that RL must always come first.
  • All ages welcome if you are mature
  • We are a casual organization and don’t have mandatory log-on times.
  • We may have busy RL commitments, but we play to win. We act as a team.
  • Play the game your way. We are there for you
  • From the casual weekend warrior, to the hardcore gamer, we are here to cater to your needs.

Allied Corporatoins and Organizations
We perform Joint Operations and Special Opersations with our allies.
Quantum Private Investigators
The Alliance

Mumble: (hosted on 100/100Mbit)