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Ataraxia / ALLI

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  • Exploration
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Covering the complete pro UEE spectrum with open positions, Ataraxia is currently looking to bolster its ranks with dedicated gamers. A relaxed, mature community, Our Org welcomes all players from all timezones.
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The Vision

The goal of this org is to create a flexible group allowing all types of play. We have a strong focus on looking for people with good personalities over individuals with large fleets. We want to make a system allowing the org to provide access to the larger scale aspects of the game without reducing or removing the solo experience. We are a blue org to the core who support the UEE and will never condone piracy against other citizens, the government, NPC corporations, non hostile alien races or civilians.

1. Academy (Focus on Research, Science, and Exploration)
2. Industry (Focus on Trade, Cargo, Mining, and Salvage)
3. Security (Focus on Space Combat, Ground Operations, and Mercenary work)

Organization History

On October 5th, 2945 the Vanduul launched a large scale raid on New Corvo in the Vega system. Six citizens lead a civilian counter attack to take back and restore a key relay station. The station was brought back online and fell four hours after it was retaken. However in those four hours hundreds of transmissions were able to get out on official channels along the now restored comms chain which aided the UEE reinforcements that cleared out the vanduul threat. These Six citizens who lead the random collection of long haulers, mercs and explorers met 8 months later and formed the first version of Ataraxia and called it the Alliance. After a year of financial issues and political corruption the ORG was reformed with a new goal in mind. To help improve the UEE.


  • - Founded (6.25.2946)
  • - Patreon page launched
  • - First official State of the Alliance meeting
  • - T-shirts!
  • - First Monthly org ship giveaway
  • - Road to CitizenCon 2946 Begins
  • - CitizenCon 2946
  • - 100 Members!
  • - Began production/distribution of Alliance Divisional patches
  • - Happy New Year!


  • - Established The Alliance Diplomatic Hub
  • - Began structure of Multi-Gaming community
  • - Weekly game nights instituted
  • - Continued ship giveaways
  • - Restructured monthly meetings/ Began Divisional meetings
  • - Started Divisional role assignments
  • - Name revised to Ataraxia


The purpose of Ataraxia is to provide a center, a home, for citizens and organizations alike looking to expand their outreach. You will have the freedom to pursue your own course, or speak with members of our allied Organizations to help you find your own path through the verse. To that end we are more than a Star Citizen group. We are a multi-gaming community offering opportunities to diversify your gaming experience.


There are three divisions in Ataraxia. Academy, Industry, and Security. Each one represents a different aspect of the game. Academy, Industry and Security have different focuses, but are very dependent on one another. Academy and Industry needs protection. Industry and Security need locations. Academy and Security need supplies. Only lieutenants and Admirals need to have set divisions. Every other member is free to pick which role they want to do and don’t need to be locked down to just one. In addition there are also several sub divisions of members who specialize or are interested in one particular area of the game.


The Security division focuses on the pursuit of combat. If a fight could break out then Security plans to be there. Security covers everything that’s purpose built to shoot or get shot. From manning a turret on a Javelin destroyers to storming a pirate base in Titan power armor Security’s job is to clear out and fend off hostile or criminal forces for Ataraxian members, it’s allies and all of the UEE.

28th Fighter Squadron
The “28th fighter squadron” known as the Rangers, is a subset of Ataraxia dedicated to small-fighter craft. An elite unit of Ataraxia flown by the best pilots. Considerable flight experience required.

The Wargs are the elite operators of Ataraxia. They are well equipped, well trained, and well lead tier one special forces who are greatly respected throughout the organization.


The Academy division focuses on the pursuit of knowledge. Whether that be a new star systems, some alien ruins or a better overclock configuration for thrusters Academy wants to find it. Academy follow the two versions of it’s motto DRD. For those who stay in the lab and on the ship it’s to Discover, Research and Develop new things. Those seeking adventure and put their boots to the ground it’s to Dare, Risk and Delve into new locations.

Lost Platoon
“You’d have to be lost to find that which has never been found. Otherwise everyone would know where it is.”
- Huntergml
Adventurers would be the best job title for members willing to take on the tasks of the Lost Platoon. They will take on long term excursions into the void or outside of the UEE borders. The platoon leaves with enough food, fuel, ammo and repair equipment to last several out of game days if not weeks without heading home.


The Industry division focuses on the pursuit of resources. Food, fuel, rocks and anything worth some credits. Industry will make, take and transport just about anything as long it’s legal in the UEE. Whether that be ammo and fuel to scouts on the edge of UEE space, refined metals to the synthworld or salvaging the husk of a Javelin. The Industry division has that job covered.

These members are interested in the Colony/outpost mechanics of the game. Their focus will be to establish and maintain outposts for the org.


So what is in it for you?

Due to the developing nature of the game, items like Command Structure, and Profit Sharing are evolving. When more information is available the officers will put the ideas together and the organization as whole will vote on which kind of model they want.


There are three types of integrations into Ataraxia: A main Member, an Affiliate, and an Ambassador. Joining Ataraxia as a main Member will grant you significant resources. There is a ranking structure and a profit sharing mechanic to the organization but it will be fair and equal. By joining as an Affiliate, you may use our support network and even our own assets to help you in your missions. You are equally as important to us. You will be invited to participate in events and work directly with us to complete not only your goal, but ours as well. Lastly you may join as an Ambassador for your organization. You will represent your group and be the voice of your leadership. Ambassadors hold a crucial role in our structure by maintaining communication between us and the other allied organizations. In addition, Ambassadors may use us a networking hub, forming new friendships and contacts through our channels.

Command Structure

  • Admiral – There is one admiral for each of the three divisions. Their job is to manage the org’s policies and plan out larger org operations. Admirals will have access to all of the ships that are classified in their division and access to all ships medium size or smaller that are not. Admirals can permit the use of a larger ship limit from their fleet for an operation to another member or affiliate.

  • Lieutenant -Lieutenants are assigned to a fleet and report to the admiral of the same fleet. A lieutenants job is to organize more frequent medium sized operations and to assist their admiral when needed. Lieutenants will have access to one Large ship from their fleet each and some medium sized ships for operations. Lieutenants can contribute their allotted ships to another members operation. So long as they are not past their limit.

  • Ambassador -Ambassadors are leaders of Allies who represent their org in our community. They will have Similar access to the org fleet as full members and are more likely to have permission from an admiral to increase their limit for an operation as long as it’s feasible. They are the representative and point of contact for their respective group.

  • Staff – Staff are members of the org that wanted to or have taken on more administrative type role. These roles range from graphic designers to social media managers and even moderators on the discord server. These members show dedication both in and outside of the game giving all of us a better experience.

  • Member – Members have total freedom on what role to take. Their only requirement is that they maintain their citizenship status with the UEE. Since this is not currently implemented we only ask that you try to participate and interact with one another. If a member wants to start small operation they will have access to one medium ship to throw onto the roster. If they are only participating and not leading the event they can choose to crew a ship or use single seater. This only applies if there are no Lieutenants participating in the operation. Of course you are always welcome to use your own personal ship during an operation.

  • Affiliate – Affiliates are members of other orgs who still want to participate in Ataraxian operations. We do ask that Affiliates try to retain their citizenship and avoid behavior that would look bad both for your main org and Ataraxia. Affiliates are still able to create operations like full members but will only have access to a small ship from the org fleet. Again you can always use your own ships or get approval from a higher up to use their allotted ships.

- Ataraxia is split into three commands that each have their own careers to choose from. Some of the major roles of the operations are listed below.

  • Security
  • Exploration
  • Diplomacy
  • Industry
  • Trading
  • Supply & Logistics
  • Salvage
  • Team Leader
  • Ship Crewman
  • Naval Aviation
  • Organization Marketplace
  • Racing
  • Advocacy
  • Search & Rescue
  • And Anything Else That’s Not Piracy

Events Weekly and Monthly events will be planned in order to achieve higher unit cohesion and maximum utility of organizational assets.

There are three weekly events, each one hosted by a different admiral.
Tuesday – Prometheia at 21:00 EDT
Thursday – Ryroh at 21:00 EDT
Saturday – Huntergml at 12:00 EDT

  • Patrol Missions
  • “This way or that way” – Exploration Quests
  • Clear Kareah – Exactly what it sounds like
  • Flight Night – Flight training and friendly competition
  • Star Map Conclave – Weekly meeting to share a system or planet you find interesting
  • Members only giveaways

Duration and Time Commitment

No strict time commitment, the only thing we ask is if you agree to an op, you try to keep to it.

Monthly Org and Divisional meetings are not mandatory however participation is encouraged


Patreon Supporters
A huge thanks to the people who volunteer to fiscally support the org! You make so much possible.

Allied Organizations
These organizations are protected by The Alliance assets and if called upon, The Alliance will respond to their aide. There will be free trade, and free pass through Alliance held territories.
Stellar Eterprise
Chimera Assets and Security Holdings
Protectors of Verum – Designation: EU Operations
Bruanic – Designation: Combat – Special Operations
110th Squadron – Designation: Freelancing
XPwnEnt – Designation: Social
Bofors Interstellar – Designation: Trade / Exploration
The House of The Rose – Designation: Trade
United Earth Mining Corporation – Designation: Mining/Prospecting
Multiverse Mining – Designation: Lend/Lease Mining
Oberon Interstellar Trading – Designation: Trading/Transport