Branaugh System Security and Development / BSSD

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security

Ensure the safety and development of the Branaugh system.

“Hitting hard, striking fast and not letting any chance to the enemies of Branaugh”


  • 1/15/2947 : Redaction of the Manifesto and the Charter of the BSSD.
  • 1/14/2947 : Creation of the Branaugh System Security and Development by Col WRichter.
  • 4/10/2947 : Creation of the First Recon Regiment of BSSD . The main goal of this unit is to provide deep military recon.
  • 4/11/2947 : The BSSD will engage the First Recon Regiment (FRR) during Operation Pitchfork. The rules of engagement (ROE) are not written yet, but due to the proximity of the Vanduul threat for the Branaugh System, our goal will be to provide support to OPPF by assuming reco missions in the Virgil System.


Goals and Objectives

1-Exploration :
To Explore and map the Banaugh System in order to acquire information.

All kind of information :
– Maps : mapping the system

  • maps of planets.
  • search for new specificities in surrounding space.
  • search for new jump points.

– Life :
  • local infrastructures.
  • Classification of species (animals , plants, other).

– Tevarin :
  • knowledge of Tevarin alien culture (language,…).

=> Establish a kind of Universal Branaugh Encyclopedia.

2- Sharing :
“Information is only valuable if shared”

– Share between members of the Branaugh System Security and Development (BSSD)
The Goal is here strengthening links of the community by exchange of information.
Every member of BSSD should know about the system.

  • Organise information in accessible ways.
  • Organise points of exchange.

– Share with other :

  • Share the collected information with other.
  • But not share classified information (information that is important). Or at least select whom to share information with.
  • For public information : ad for Branaugh.

Make known Branaugh to the global community (ad, forum, evenements,…)

3-Security :
Ensure the safety in order to improve the development of Branaugh System.
“Hitting hard, striking fast and not letting any chance to the enemies of Branaugh”

– Protect :

  • defend any BSSD ship.
  • defend commercial ships.
  • defend neutral ships from pirates or declared enemy.

– Attack :

  • Attack, when possible, declared enemy vessels.
  • Report any enemy intrusion (when not possible to attack).


Rules :

The first Rule is :
Play to Have Fun.
Try to respect our rules, but remember that they are just game rules !
We all play to have fun. Even if we play differently, we are PLAYING, so relax and have FUN.

The second Rule is :
Repect the Rules
If you don’t respect our rules you will be banish from our organisation, even if you find it unfair, that the way it is.
But remember that this is not so important (see R1).

The third Rule is :
Play fair, with Honor
The universe is dangerous, some say that it is unfair, things and physics don’t think, but we do !
As an ex-officer in the french army, I want to play fair and with honor.
I also want that our members act with some kind of chivalry.

The fourth Rule is :
Branaugh First
Remember that you act for the development of Branaugh. If you can get rich doing so, Perfect !
Do not put your interests before that of Branaugh

In Real Life :* “Carpe Diem”*