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Roberts Space Industries ®

Bulkegjengen / BULK

  • PMC
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  • Security
  • Scouting


Bulkegjengen \ BULK is a private military company, consisting mainly of former UEE navy officers. Focus on mercenary work has been, and still is the perfect business plan for BULK. In a universe that is getting more dangerous and unpredictable day by day, BULK is not only doing a service for humanity, it is also making a great profit.

BULK employees are considered to be ruffnecks, i.e. every member is hardened by battle and the way they spend their credits. The company will most likely accept a contract from any organization or citizen, as long as the price is right, and as long as it do not interfere with the UEE.

Motivations for soldiers applying for a membership in BULK:
-mercenary work gives better profit as opposed to the military.
-the navy will, with no room for luxury, only accept their personnel piloting military grade ships.
-fear of being put behind a desk after a brilliant career.
-real action and danger, as opposed to training exercises in the Kilian System.
-frustration of the way the UEE has failed to handle the increasing attacks of the Vanduul during the last 20 years.


Bulkegjengen \ BULK provides military services to organisations and citizens. BULK´s intention is to fill as many military roles in space as possible.

Cargo or VIP escort (CVE)

BULK will guard your cargo and VIPs between risky systems. Hiring a squadron of BULK fighters and/or scouts will improve your odds of success significantly.

BULK protection guarantee

BULK pilots will ram enemy ships, if outnumbered, and our clients will be able to escape with his or her cargo/life.

Convoy defense support (CDS)

BULK will allow clients to join in on our convoys through unsecured and alien sectors. This is by far the safest and most effective way to move cargo through space.

Combat courier service (CCS)

BULK offers courier services through hostile systems. Our courier ships are custom fitted to outrun pirates and blockades. Why risk your own limbs, when you can rent a veteran who can do it for you?

Space-oriented reconnaissance (SOR)

BULK sensor squadrons can be deployed in multiple systems, which gives the client several tactical advantages:
  • No risk at revealing the clients identity and/or position.
  • Wider system perception.
  • Early warnings of potential danger.

Close air support (CAS)

BULK fighters will help to even the odds, when a client needs to get the upper edge.

Long range support (LRS)

BULK bombers and long range support ships will be able to help clients take down targets from a distance.

Fuel support operations (FSO)

BULK can provide extra fuel, even for long flights. Certain systems require that the customer has its own fighter squadron, or rent one from BULK.

Multiple boarding parties (MBP)

BULK can deliver multiple ships with armed boarding parties, which will be custom fitted for the task. This can be used to destroy, sabotage, disable, or capture enemy ships. Clients that do not wish to refit their ships for ship boarding, or can not risk their pilots docking at enemy ships, can outsource this to BULK.

Military fleet support (MFS)

BULK`s fleet can be rented by clients in need of an extra fleet for short time spans. This can be far cheaper than maintaining a military fleet on your own.

  • BULK pilots is required.

Allied war support (AWS)

BULK can declare war on other organizations if requested. This might be used as leverage to get out of a war, or to get the upper hand.



§1. Language

a. All members need to understand and be able to receive orders in Norwegian.
b. We accept danish, english, and swedish speaking players, as long as they meet §1a.

§2 Age and gender

a. Men and women may apply for a membership. Applicants under 18 may apply as junior members.
b. Junior members will have access to the “Junior voice chat channel”.
c. Junior members will not have access to the “Senior voice chat channel”.
d. Both junior and senior members will have access to the “Joint operations voice chat channel”.

§3. Software

a. Members are required to register at our forum, and use it.
b. Members will be required to install and use selected software to chat with other members and officers (when SC launches).

§4. Commitment

a. When the company is not on mission, members are effectively on leave.
b. Members must prioritize organized company flight and fleet missions over other tasks, if they are online.
c. Members are required to attend, if signed up for a planned mission.
d. If a member violate §4b or §4c, he or she will be considered AWOL, and disciplinary actions will be taken.

§5. Lore and role play

a. Members are not permitted to role play on our voice chat servers.
b. Members are required to follow our company lore and founding ideas,
-when making decisions concerning the company
-when communicating with others concerning the company
c. If a member wish to role play while communicating with another company or player, he or she is encouraged to do so, as long as §5a and §5b are not violated.