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BlightVeil Legion / BVL

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By Any Means, We Prosper

We enjoy playing Star Citizen together and having fun.

The ORG is for members who want a group that values their time and experience.

Its all about culture when you join BlightVeil Discord


The BlightVeil Leigon enjoys the game how they see fit. We enjoy striking hard targets and well defended objectives.
We sometimes use unconventional tactics but stick to meta focused strategies during operations.
This is the org for the combat focused villain.

Founding BlightVeil

(** History of experience with PMC style orgs and wanting to be unrestricted in gameplay**)

Our organization has aimed on being goal driven towards effectiveness, resourcefulness, and a relentless drive to achieve the extraordinary.

We value A Different Perspective

We understand that while some may find enjoyment in immersive roleplay and we don’t restrict our members’ potential.
Meta Gameplay means focus on the best strategies and the most efficient methods of achieving success.

While we don’t engage in roleplay, we respect and acknowledge the passion of those who do.
In The BlightVeil Legion, we value the diversity of our members and encourage each one to find their own path.

Join us in our pursuit of excellence.

The BlightVeil Legion: By any Means, We prosper

Graphics of Code of Conduct
Graphics on Rank Structure
Video samples of gameplay


Welcome to The BlightVeil Legion

Our Motto: “By Any Means, We Prosper.”

These words embody our doctrine. Whether through combat, exploration, trade, or a more challenging path, we seize opportunities and overcome obstacles. We are not constrained by convention; we define our own path to our objectives.

At The BlightVeil Legion, we don’t merely exist; we thrive. Some attributes we embody as key features of a strong organization;
  • Resourcefulness
  • Active Leadership
  • Determination
  • Fun Events
  • Strong Culture

Who We Are

Our organization is built on a culture of being honorably evil, coordinated and precise in our actions.
We are not your care-bear org who feels sorry that you died,
We embody the Get back up again mentality and learn from mistakes
A group that values humility and comradery

What We Offer

When you join The BlightVeil Legion, you become part of an organization that values your unique skills and contributions.
We offer:
A Community of Like-Minded individuals
Opportunities to improve
Respect for all ranks
Engaging gameplay
Responsibility based roles

If you’re ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of our universe, if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to prosper, then you’re ready to join us. Apply today and embark on a journey that will define your legacy.

By Any Means, We Prosper.


BlightVeil Legion Charter


Welcome to the BlightVeil Legion—a community of individuals dedicated to achieving excellence in Star Citizen and beyond. As members of the BlightVeil Legion, we share a common vision and purpose. This charter outlines the principles, values, and guidelines that all members must adhere to as part of our collective commitment.

1. The Pursuit of Improvement

At the core of the BlightVeil Legion is a dedication to excellence in our endeavors. We strive to be the best, to outperform, and to innovate. Our pursuit of excellence knows no bounds, and we encourage every member to reach their fullest potential.

2. Meta-Gameplay Focus

We are meta-players, not roleplayers. We prioritize efficient strategies, optimal tactics, and effective gameplay. We embrace the challenges presented by the virtual universe and approach them with a competitive spirit.

3. Respect and Camaraderie

Respect is the cornerstone of our community. We treat all members, regardless of rank, with the respect they deserve. We foster camaraderie, collaboration, and a welcoming atmosphere where every member is valued.

4. Adaptability and Innovation

In the ever-changing landscape of gaming, adaptability is key to success. We encourage innovation, the pursuit of new strategies, and the exploration of uncharted territories. Our flexibility allows us to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

5. Inclusivity and Diversity

We celebrate diversity in all its forms—geographical, cultural, and personal. We value the unique perspectives and skills that each member brings to the Legion. Discrimination and prejudice have no place here.

6. Responsible Gaming

We advocate responsible gaming practices. While we are committed to success, we also prioritize the well-being of our members. Gaming should be an enjoyable and balanced part of our lives.

7. Organizational Loyalty

As members of the BlightVeil Legion, we pledge our loyalty to the organization’s goals and objectives. We work together to achieve our collective vision, and we prioritize the success of the Legion above personal gain.

8. Community Engagement

We actively engage with our community and encourage participation in discussions, events, and activities. We believe that a strong sense of community enriches our gaming experience.

9. Code of Conduct

All members must adhere to the BlightVeil Legion Code of Conduct, which outlines specific rules and expectations for behavior within the organization. Violations of this code may result in consequences as determined by Legion leadership.
Link Code Of Conduct


By becoming a member of the BlightVeil Legion, you join a community committed to excellence, innovation, and camaraderie.
You also accept that others will view your tactics with disdain. You embody being the honorable villain.

Requirements To join graphic
You must pull your own weight and be a competent individual that can work with a group.