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Welcome to the largest network for confidential shipping and insistent reallocation of goods.

Welcome to the company of experienced pilots that will support you in all your enterprises, as rough they may be.

Welcome to

Code Genesis


Code Genesis was formed from the ashes of Zombie Apocalypse Gaming in 2013. We are a like minded group of gamers. We love gaming and we play all kinds of games, new and old. Even though we formed Code Genesis in 2013, we have been gaming together for over 20 years.






While the game is nearing completion over the next year, we would like to build a large community in the Star Citizen Universe. At the time of this writing we are unsure of how large an Organization needs to be. To be competitive in the game universe we will be increasing our numbers until the game releases. Initially we wanted to keep the Organization size down to a comfortable level but we don’t want the other Organizations to outsize us and have a major advantage when the game universe is live. No matter what our final size is your voice will always be heard and you will make a difference in our Organization. We fully intend to be in the Top Ten for all Star Citizen rankings.

What We Are Looking For:
We are looking for pilots that like to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. We are going to wait until the game releases to lock down all of our higher level positions. Everyone that shows initiative while were waiting for the game to be released will have an opportunity to be promoted to officer positions.

What We Offer
1. Mutual respect to everyone, member or ally. We will work together to create an enjoyable experience in the Star Citizen Universe.
2. Community Impact.
3. When the game is launched we will play first and see where we fit in and how everything works. There is no way to be sure what gameplay entails until it’s actually released.

Code Genesis Mission
Code Genesis’ overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen. However, this does not mean that we will not strive to be one of the best. At launch, after starting play and getting a good feel for the gameplay, we will make decisions based on actual experiences.

Our economy will be defined by our members. If you are more trade-minded or interested in mining, we will definitely support that and integrate you in our corporate network.

We intend for our pilots to be a formidable force in the game universe. Other Organizations will learn to respect us or pay the price.

Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like-minded and drama-free.

We will offer & support all gameplay styles, including:


Members will have access to our private forums which will include the guidance you need for success.

We have already built a great community and that’s the first step!

Apply Today!


General Rules and Regulations

  • All CG pilots will, at all times, represent Code Genesis and display their allegiance through the use of proper Code Genesis avatars, signatures, etc.. This requirement extends to the RSI and Star Citizen forums, as well as Code Genesis Website and our TeamSpeak server.
  • Pilots are granted the right to rationally and maturely defend themselves, but are expected to avoid creating drama.
  • Pilots are expected to act in a manner that will reflect positively not only upon themselves, but, by association, Code Genesis.
  • Pilots are cautioned to not take important matters related to Code Genesis into their own hands and are expected to refrain from making any comments or decisions that have not been previously approved by appropriate ranking officers.
  • Pilots are charged with maintaining the integrity and privacy of information found within Code Genesis’s secure forums.
  • Issues and concerns regarding any Code Genesis decisions, pilots, and allies must be brought to the attention of the ranking Officer or Commander as soon as possible.
  • Pilots will avoid public confrontations or internal arguments at all costs as it reflects poorly upon not only you, but also upon Code Genesis!
  • Pilots will respect one another and show each other kindness, understanding, tolerance, and patience.
    At all times, pilots of Code Genesis will show respect to officers by listening to them and following their lead.
  • NEVER undermine the authority of a ranking member.
  • Absolutely no racism, sexism, homophobia or any other forms of prejudice will be tolerated.
    Do not, under any circumstance, reply to attacks or topics about Code Genesis on the RSI forums. This is a Zero-tolerance rule and breaking it will result in either immediate dismissal from Code Genesis or will be dealt with as a duly designated officer sees fit.

Fleet Rules and Guidelines:

  • All pilots will, at all times, represent their allegiance to Code Genesis through the use of proper Code Genesis tags or other approved symbols.
  • Under no circumstances can any Code Genesis pilot be a member of another fleet.
  • Pilots are granted the right to defend themselves, Code Genesis, other fleet pilots, and our allies from any acts of aggression that may take place.
  • Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to engage allied forces.
    Piracy will be tolerated. Unlike other Organizations, all play styles will be accepted in Code Genesis. How can you rule the Galaxy if you only work for one side?
  • Cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game, will get you banned.
  • Code Genesis pilots should take initiative and engage in tasks assigned to their division.
  • Pilots will follow the lead of their division officer / command team and complete assigned tasks.
  • Pilots should take initiative and engage, when appropriate, in tasks assigned to other divisions.
  • When working with another division, you are expected to adhere to their policies and protocols and to follow the lead of that particular division’s command team.

Teamspeak (TS) Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines:

  • No mic spamming.
  • No chatbox spamming.
  • No excessive private messaging or poking of officers. Officers will get back to you when time permits.
  • Do not give out any Fleet Teamspeak info to anyone who is not a member unless given explicit permission or direction to do so by an officer.
  • If someone else is speaking, allow them to finish.
  • Keep chat and links appropriate to the channel.
  • Less civilized, not-exactly-appropriate, conversations should be moved to a designated channel.
  • Stick to the appropriately assigned TS channels for your current game or activity. i.e. When playing Star Citizen do not form up in the Battlefield 4 channel.
  • Treat all guests with a welcoming and respectful attitude.
  • Refer to General Rules listed above.