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Roberts Space Industries


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Welcome to CINDER Inc. We are a flexible and easy-going org focusing on quality over quantity. Opting to maintain a community with strong bonds of friendship and team play.

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Buried deep in the heart of Stanton III, below the dark skies of smog and over-crowded airspace, a group of blue collar workers gathered after a hard night’s work. They discussed their current conditions; the lack of pay, the stench of the allys, and the unchanging skyline of corporate structures that presided over every day. This was not the life they desired, but what option had they?

For months this group of men and woman saved what few credits they had, and in the year 2935 a second-hand Aurora MR took to the skies of ArcCorp. The small group operated the patchwork craft as a courier, making daily treks between Crusader Industries outposts and Area 18. Years of sweat, struggle, and second layers of cheap welding held the tiny business group together. Hope for a new future had nearly faded completely when one of their leaders, Reiter II, stumbled upon a large asteroid cluster. These previously undetected space rocks spelled a new beginning for the group. Within days the location of the rich minerals were auctioned off for a very substantial sum of UEC. New ships were bought, fresh hangars were built, and CINDER Inc. was born.

The year is 2945, and CINDER has grown from its roots in Stanton to operations that reach to the ends of explored space. With Auroras, 300 series, Gladius, Hornet, Freelancer, Starfarer, Reliant, Caterpillars, Prospectors, and many others, the CINDER fleet is one to be reckoned with.


In our minds, the verse is too big to only focus on a few of all the possibilities that it might provide. So to put it simply: We plan on doing a bit of everything, and are looking for a wide variety of people.

Including but not limited to:
► Fighter/commercial Pilots
► Soldiers
► Ship crew
► Miners/Prospectors
► Gatherers/Salvagers
► Traders
► Explorers/Scouts
► Emissaries

Our community consist of all kinds of people, even a few veterans. So even if you are not a mil-sim player or have military experience you will fit right in.

All interested, please contact us on our discord server *Here*.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.