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Clan Fough / CLANFOUGH

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“Just simple men, trying to make their way in the universe.”
-Dohn Fough

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. 2929 – Est. by Dohn Fough.
. 2936 – Disbanded on the death of the original clan chief Dohn Fough.
. 2950 – Re-established by Jegrah Fough (current Chief) and Jaddo Snowfall (current lieutenant).


Dohn Fough was born on the Planet Noble in the Ellis system in the year 2884. He migrated to the planet Green at the age of 19. This was where he discovered the corruption associated with gambling during the Murray Cup events. He spent 25 years as a member of the Aydo Constabulary, where he helped to reduce crime on the UEE planet. During this time he conceived and had a son called Jegrah Fough (2926). After the 25 years of service, Fough decided to transfer from Green to ArcCorp (Stanton), where he knew crime had risen (2928). After a year of servitude, Fough realised that being an officer of the law was not enough to remove corruption and crime from the UEE. He founded Clan Fough in 2929 to rid the UEE of crime. The group did mostly bounty hunting and mercenary jobs for UEE companies until 2936 when Fough was killed during a bounty hunt, above the planet Hurston. The Clan was disbanded within the year.
It wasn’t till 2950 when Jegrah Fough re-established and continued in his fathers pursuit of balance in the UEE.

Clan Fough?

Clan Fough is a small group of bounty hunters, that work within the boundaries
of the law to bring balance and order to the UEE. Members get to enjoy the
Galaxy, whilst having the structure and security of the clan to fall back on, when times get tough. Members of the clan have no obligation to put their life on the
line. We accept any who wish to contribute to the clan. The clan functions as a
non-vigilante extension of the UEE’s law administration, whilst not being employed
by the UEE directly. Clan employment works within the parameters of the jurisdiction
of UEE companies – such as:
.Hurston Dynamics
.Crusader Industries

Endurance and Preservation

Clan Fough’s main cash influx, comes from the mining of precious materials such as
hadenite. 10% of all transactions go to the Clan funds. This is not a pyramid scheme,
as all money in the clan funds are given back to the members. Remember that we are here to aid you, not capitalise on you. Higher Members do not profit on the work of new members.

Clan Funds Example

If 10 members of the clan did one Ariel hadenite run. Then they gave 10% of the profit to the Treasury. Within a week, not only would they keep 90% of the money they had earned, but that 10% would be in the region of 1.5million aUEC. Hard workers can make 800,000aUEC a day, this would bring the weekly total to 5.6million. With this money we could gift 2 Cutlass Blues a week, or a Caterpillar, or a Vanguard Warden. As a citizen, this could mean you make 190% of your usual income. Hard workers and members in need are more likely to me nominated by higher members to receive the additional money.

One question raised is: What do I get out of the funds system, if I’m not gifted the money that week?
The ships gifted to the other players will allow you to join them in higher paid bounties, and allow you to explore the more hardcore side to the galaxy. Remember that Clan Fough is a team.

Do I need to donate to the Clan funds?

There is no obligation to contribute to the clan funds. If you are already a well off player that has everything you need to survive in universe, then you don’t need to contribute. Remember that people who do not contribute, do not get rewarded. You can also appeal for a new ship by contacting the clan leader Jegrah Fough.


.Dec 27 2950 – 5th most active Organisation in the world
.Dec 30 2950 – 3rd most active Organisation in the world
.Jan 2 2951 – Partnership with NULLSEC SECURITY OPS
.Feb 26 2951 – Partnership with THE MADALORIAN SHADOWS



Clan Fough aims to capitalise on crime in the UEE to produce an income for the clan by eliminating it.

Donation System

Funding for Clan Fough works through a donations system.
A small cut from all retrieved bounties will go to the higher clan members to redistribute to new members of the clan. This will help new members to buy ships and weaponry, to get started on the journey to becoming one of the galaxies best bounty hunters. The clan will respond to any help needed by other members, and takes everyone’s opinion into account.


We are not the law, but keepers of it.
We strive to keep balance and order
in the galaxy, whilst strictly adhering
to the parameters of UEE law. We
protect citizens across the stars.

Dohn Fough, 2910

10% of all transactions go to
the clan, to be redistributed to other
members in need. This will ultimately
increase Clan Fough’s hold on crime
in the UEE.