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Roberts Space Industries ®

Cloudsong Institute / CLOUDSONG

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Science Isn’t easy. That’s why we do it.




What drives us to the edge? To the black? To face hostile environments, strange biology, and unthinkable dangers?

What is this drive to explore, to learn?

Do we simply want to go places we have never gone before?

No, for those of us who find ourselves strapped to a flightseat, tearing through the atmosphere of an unknown moon, deep in hostile alien territory, it goes far deeper than that.

We explore so we may expand our knowledge of the verse and, along the way, ourselves.

What are the limits of our mind?
How fierce is our will?
How strong are we?
How brave?

We embrace the seemingly endless void, the fight, the fear of the known – and the unknown, and we accomplish things others thought impossible.

The ships, equipment and tech we rely on are more than just our tools.
They are how we transport ourselves from who we are to who we will become.

Your mission is our adventure.


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