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Roberts Space Industries ®

Confidential Courier Securities / CONSEC

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Running high risk through the ‘Verse and not sure who to trust? Need someone to watch your 6 while exploring the black?
We stand by our motto:

Courage is endurance for one moment more…

CONSEC is a proud supporter of OPERATION PITCHFORK


We invite you to visit our crew @ Furious Beta as well as our Facebook community

CONSEC stands united with many other small companies under the banners of COGNITION CORP and The Corporation
Together we fly united. Brothers all.

It Started with a junked Freelancer, salvaged from the borders of Vanduul space. Working his life away with a Salvage crew, DeVeck Harough wanted more. A UEE Marine combat vet, he had no need or want of politics or climbing some Corporate ladder. Offering a Structure that celebrates each individual’s unique abilities. Maximizing productivity while ensuing lowered risk without the cost of profitability to the employee or contractor.

Since then the company has grown, expanding operational interests in the realm of Mining, Salvage, Mid-space Repairs, info-running…even offering “Boots on the ground” Operators a place to get away from the structure of PMC’s. Our primary Second goal is to supply Private Security operations along the stars as well as planetside.

Recruitment Status as follows:
Current recruitment Status: OPEN
Positions Open: ALL

Update 29460903

-We’re still awaiting updated UEE trade Licenses, as there seems to be some red tape concerning the regions we operate in. This should be cleared up this month.
-Business opportunities still await you! Contact now and apply!

Update 29451121

-Finalized partnership with the Private Military Company “Knights of Sidonia”, allowing resources to be shared when needed, in view of parallel corporate goals.
-Operations current with Operation Pitchfork, allowing the additional resources/assets to aide KOS’ efforts in the Orion system.

Update 29451103

-Negotiated contract work with Phoenix Branson at Intergalactic Airlines to offer security, critical transportation and Logistical information.

Update 29451005

-With the current Vega invasion, all employees are asked to remain on standby in order to assist in any and all operations within the Vega system. Including but not limited to: Medevac, Civilian Evacuations, Supply runs into the system, assisting in logistical rolls and most importantly full combat rolls. We will be assisting All COG units as well as expecting them to assist us. Good Luck, CONSEC. Stay Frosty.

Update 29450708

-After another hiatus, which shall be known as the “Power supply explosion event of explodiness”, I have returned…with a new computer.
-Work has resumed on Poster campaign
-Will be designing a logo for Coffee mugs and Shirts
-New Podcasts up on our blog

Update 29450503

-Minor Hiatus due to CEO having a wife who’s 8 months pregnant.
-Construction of Recruitment poster nearing completion.
-Company featured on “Furious Beta” Podcast

Update 29450316

-Continued Updating of Brand Logo and Banner to better reflect a higher quality service. Special thanks to UltimateUltimatum for his fantastic work and all the amazing effort he’s put into our Brand.
-Continuing to update Manifesto to better reflect our companies directions.
-Committed to the progress of The Cognitive Corporation initiative

Update 29450314

-Began Brand brainstorming and updating process with members and Affiliates.
-Updated Manifesto and History
-Finished Alliance Dossier

On this, the eleventh day of the third month, in the year of 2945 Confidential Courier Securities was licensed by the UEE as a private, deep space transportation company.


CONFIDENTIAL COURIER SECURITIES works through various alliances and organizations to help move products of all types through the ‘verse. Need something flown through the Hades system? How about supplies to Virgil II? Need help with a salvage job just outside of Nyx? We don’t much care. If you have credits, we have the time. From extra firepower, escorts through the verse, to just some extras muscle on your mining flight… We’ll take it… and keep our mouths shut.

Looking for Work?

Join with us and our large network to ensure the highest percentage of survival while on the job. No vacuum dumps to keep mouths shut in our crew. We don’t know anything anyways! Utilizing this network allows us to perform large scale jobs even while staff levels are low. Making sure you can still go after those “Big Fish”. Jack of all trades most welcome. Inquire above.


It’s simple. Keep your contracts, be respectful…Can’t ask for much more.

I could fill this with a bunch of “do this” or “don’t do that” but we’re in this to make creds, help a few good people along the way, and not worry so much about the details. That’s how I figure it should work.