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Emerald Sky Ltd / ESLTD

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Emerald Sky focuses on our core strengths revolving around industry and commerce. We are not an RP org, but we do love the lore of the universe and will play along where possible.

Integrity / Commitment / Honor

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Emerald Sky has been involved throughout the galaxy in both legitimate, and sometimes less than legitimate businesses. ES was born out of necessity, to solve a very real problem faced by the organizations founder, Dalamars, early on in his personal history.

The Beginning

Our Founder was part of an independent group of refugees fleeing the chaos of the Vanduul attack in the Vega system near the end of 2945. Fearing the UEE would not respond, the small colony of Miners and their families pulled up stakes and fled in whatever ships they had, before the Vanduul could get a solid hit on the group.

Running and far from help, they sought a new home in the Nul system. Locating a good spot out of the way of prying eyes, but with a decent deposit of minerals to scrape out a living, a temporary settlement was founded. Using a Caterpillar’s modules to fabricate temporary hab space along with medical and other facilities life seemed like it would go pretty well. Nul was out of the way, unclaimed, and lightly populated. Unfortunately for our group, a group of well equipped raiders began sacking the settlement and attempting to extort the colony. Far too much effort had been put into the operation to allow it to be overrun, and the raiders “insurance” costs proved unreasonable. After much deliberation, a make shift defense force was organized by former members of the UEE military, along with a couple of retired combat pilots in an attempt to repel the raids. The raiders found themselves fighting a more organized, albeit somewhat under equipped group of pilots. With the profits that had been made to date it was decided that additional arms were required to maintain the autonomy of the outpost.

Our Founder, already established as a successful transport captain, formed the company Emerald Sky Limited, to establish a trade run with core planets. This would allow a legitimate front company to get the equipment so desperately needed by the outpost. In addition to legitimate cargo, smuggling runs for weapons and other military hardware were organized to arm the settlement pilots with top of the line gear for their ships, allowing them to better establish a viable defense force. Emerald Sky quickly established itself as an essential part of the colony defenses. In addition, the company was able to attract the help of others, and win a few favors with influential people at Olympus in return for special trade and courier runs they needed. With these new connections, and the additional hardware, the raiders elected to move on to easier prey. Dalamars, CorwinSF, and a couple of others elected to leave the Nul system and establish Emerald Sky as a business in the Stanton system.


Emerald Sky continues to offer these services by remaining a competent player in the areas of cargo, logistics, research, and exploration. Our ranks have grown from those humble, and sometimes desperate, beginnings. We are proud to continue to serve our customers and make a difference where it is needed most. We are always looking for like minded individuals who can deliver on their promises, especially knowing the resources of ESLtd are at their back!


Here at Emerald Sky Ltd, we have a long-standing tradition of delivering quality services to our customers. We do it with efficiency, flair, and style. It is our intention to set ourselves above the competition, not just by our good looks and sharp wit, but also by doing what we say we are going to do. It’s a novel concept, but one we think our customers desire. Our professional members will deliver on the promises made, and we will also charge our customers fair fees to ensure we can continue to do so in the future. For us, it’s not only important for us to please our customers, it is also important for us to make a profit while doing it.

To that end Emerald Sky is always looking for outstanding new members who share this philosophy, as well as even more outstanding customers to pay us. For a complete breakdown of our services, as well as any openings, we encourage you to visit our (Web Site)


Honorable – Our word is our binding agreement to our clients, and to each other.
Profitable – Credits propel the universe, and more importantly us.
Curious – We are not afraid of venturing into the unknown.
Story Driven – The happenings of the universe do not go unnoticed by us.
Dedicated – We are dedicated to each other. Nobody is left behind, or left out.