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Emerald Sky focuses on our core strengths revolving around industry and commerce. We are not an RP org, but we do love the lore of the universe and will play along where possible.

Integrity / Commitment / Honor

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Emerald Sky has been involved throughout the galaxy in both legitimate, and sometimes less than legitimate businesses. ES was born out of necessity, to solve a very real problem faced by the organizations founder, Dalamars, early on in his personal history.

The Beginning

Emerald Sky was born of necessity. Our Founder was part of an independent group of refugees fleeing the chaos of the recent Vanduul attack in the Oberon system. Fearing the UEE would not respond a small colony of Miners and their families pulled up stakes and fled in whatever ships they had, before the Vanduul could get a solid hit on the group.

Running, far from help, and relying on their own devices, they sought a new home. Locating a good spot out of the way of prying eyes, but with a decent deposit of minerals to scrape out a living, a temporary settlement was founded using one of the cargo ships as a hab. Unfortunately for our group, a gang of well equipped raiders began sacking the settlement and attempting to extort the colony. A make shift defense force was organized by a former member of the UEE military, along with a couple of retired fighter pilots, but given the outdated nature of the equipment at hand it was a futile gesture. Something had to change.

Our Founder, already established as a successful transport captain, formed the company Emerald Sky Limited, to establish a trade run with core planets and get the equipment so desperately needed by the colonists. In addition to legitimate cargo, smuggling runs for weapons and other military hardware were organized to arm the resistance pilots with top of the line gear for their ships, and enable them to better establish a viable defense force for the colony. Emerald Sky quickly established itself with the resistance forces as an essential part of the colony defenses.


Emerald Sky continues that tradition of service by remaining a competent player in the areas of cargo, logistics, research, and exploration. Our ethics drive our success. We continue to recruit like minded individuals to carry on our company traditions.


Honor and dedication. Two words that sum up or existence. We are determined to both enjoy the universe, and make a positive mark on it. We look for things where others haven’t the patience to explore. We are curious, we are honest, and we are dedicated to one another. We represent the underdog, we help the downtrodden, and we have fun doing it. Here at Emerald Sky we believe these are the things that define us, which also result in superior profits. The people we serve drive our success, and we will move moons to get the job done.

Our core focus is industry & logistics. This is a broad term as it covers the entire chain from exploration and discovery, to delivery of goods and services. In the end for us it comes down to a simple formula, if there is a need, we will figure out how to fill it. To that end we are equipped with a large number of vessels to get the job done. The makeup of our fleet is constantly changing with the requirements of our customers (mostly due to a lack of restraint on the part of our ship acquisitions division), but we have larger scale anchor ships to ensure we can maintain our core roles over time.

Our logistics experts have a long history of gathering, moving, and securing goods and passengers in a safe and efficient manner. Many of our members have been trained by the UEE Navy, making them very efficient at a wide range of tasks. We monitor and protect your goods at all points in their journey, whether that be on the ground, in the air, or in space. Navy Logistics are some of the most complicated humanity has ever dealt with, particularly during times of conflict. Our specialists have brought this experience to the private sector. In many cases, through connections made with various UEE Military contractors, we use some of the same equipment to carry out our contracts.


Honorable – Our word is our binding agreement to our clients, and to each other.
Profitable – Credits propel the universe, and more importantly us.
Curious – We are not afraid of venturing into the unknown.
Story Driven – The happenings of the universe do not go unnoticed by us.
Dedicated – We are dedicated to each other. Nobody is left behind, or left out.