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Roberts Space Industries ®

Forever Alone Horde / FAH

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Smuggling
  • Exploration

Hello Fellow Citizen,

We are FAH – Q Division. This small non-profit organization was meant to give basically anyone that need to do whatever it takes to survive some sort of solid base. We don’t judge..
Are you alone and like to be, but can use help once in a while?

Read our full history below!


It all started back in 1987 with the A-division, as it got progressively more difficult to survive in the verse there was a group of young man named “CASE”.
They needed a way to protect their main source of income “tFB” and decided to start “FAH” in order to withstand the unrelenting attacks and violence that went on and on and was endangering their enterprise.

They for some reason thought it would also be an excellent time to expand their enterprise to a much grander scale.
There was no business-plan or ‘a plan’ whatsoever but they had the best pilots in the verse and fearless of anything that might come their way. Getting their expertise in a multitude of professions from dog-fighting or smuggling to trading or mining.. FAH has got it all.

Brothers in every way, taking care and always having each others back. “Trust the fellow division members and you will never be alone” was there motto. They might have been a bit to curious to explore the vastness of the great void I guess because today we are in the Q-division and the previous divisions are all eradicated by the Vanduul or got lost in space to roam forever…

Well, now we have to make it work with what we got..

Luckily the A- to P-divisions left a legacy of ships that is not quite disappointing and are all pretty good insured according to the documents. So we are free to fly all the ships listed below and make a fair buck for our self , or not if you so prefer…

I think we can make this work, Good luck to all our pilots in Q-division ! <3


  • We tend to play alone or in small groups exploring , smuggling or doing whatever..
  • We are a non profit organization and nobody is getting a paycheck..
  • We try to take what we want..
  • We don`t have any hierarchy or people telling you what to do..
  • We just want to have fun and don`t take life in space to serious..


Do whatever you want, all we ask you is to help & support fellow citizens in this organization when they need it…
All members in this organization are friendlies and can expected to be trusted.

We also do have an alliance with WoG (Warriors of Glory) but nothing official.