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The Galactic Exploration Consortium / GEXC

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Though our path lay in darkness, we are the guiding light. Our mission is to explore the universe, known and unknown, and discover all we can.


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For centuries The Galactic Exploration Consortium has been at the forefront of interstellar exploration, utilizing the newest tools and ships to explore the unknown. Initially a group of like minded corporations founded in the era of pre-jump travel, our roots lie in the daring and adventurous exploration of our very own solar system during the early days of space exploration.

In 2092, 17 years after RSI announced the completion of the first Q-Drive we find our origins in a young woman named Alexandria Short. The daughter of Chance Short, one of the team members who took part in early development of the alternative propulsion systems that lead to prototyping of the first quantum drives. Chance unfortunately passed away before his dream intergalactic travel was recognized, but it lived on in his daughter. Although she did not return to RSI where he father had worked, she maintained a close working relationship with their R&D department as she founded her own company, The Stellar Exploration Group, in an effort to have access to the newest and best technology to explore our own solar system. Although founded in 2092, The Stellar Exploration Group did not launch its first exploratory mission until 2107, 15 years later, with the first attempt to land humans on Jupiter’s ice moon Europa. Although successful in the sense of scientific discovery, they did not manage to complete their primary objective of discovering microbial life beneath the ice. Maybe life truly was a rare gem, but she refused to give up.

Alexandria was succeeded by her daughter Isadora, in 2125 after the death of her son in the Great Martian Tragedy. Unable to cope with the death of her son Odysseus, she felt that she had pushed him to become an explorer and blamed herself for his death, she passed on leadership of the corporation to her daughter. Isadora took her role very seriously and became a ruthless business woman in an attempt to push the boundaries of knowledge. Over the next 30 years, countless businesses were consumed, and eventually The Stellar Exploration Group grew to be one of the leaders in space exploration and travel. With subsidiaries ranging from cargo transport to luxury travel, the horizons expanded infinitely. Among one of the first companies to offer civilian transport from Earth to Mars, the company grew exponentially with the successful terraforming of Mars in 2157.

… to be Cont.


We, The Galactic Exploration Consortium, dare to go to where no one else dares. For knowledge and profit both, we explore the stars finding new planets, ecosystems, asteroids, and jump points.


The Charter of The Galactic Exploration Consortium is as follows:
-We are not pirates. We do not attack or steal from other citizens (property who’s owner is reasonably assumed dead is not theft).
-We are not smugglers. We do not trade in illegal goods directly (though there is nothing against selling information to smugglers).
-We do our best to uphold the reputation of the Consortium. Any behavior unbecoming of a Citizen is also unbecoming of an employee.
-We do not undermine our fellow explorers. Do not steal jobs or undercut members of the Consortium, our power comes from our unity.
-When an explorer calls for help, we answer. Whenever possible, should a fellow member of the Consortium require aid, we give it.
-We are not a bank, charity, or fundraiser, we are here to make money. But we are also here to further human understanding and knowledge. Work hard. Get paid. Make a difference.

Follow these rules and you will be rewarded. Break them and depending on the severity of your transgression punishment may range from being demoted, to expulsion, to a bounty being placed on your head.