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Galactic Business Federation / GTF

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Full Members get PREMIUM access to all Database™ Services!




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The Fleet

The Galactic Business Federation was initially just a business oriented organization, only offering web-based services under the trademark of “The Database”, that it’s members and allies could utilize to help supplement and improve upon their respective business ventures. Although the GBF has recently grown to incorporate it’s own standing fleet.

The Fleet’s purpose is two-fold. One, the protection of the GBF and its allies business interests in the way of escorts, bodyguards, etc., rather than relying exclusively on other Organizations to provide this benefit to our members; and two, The Fleet is not just a Security Force, but rather it consists of multiple divisions each with various sub-divisions, such as: External Affairs, Internal Affairs, Exploration, Logistics, Security, and an exclusive group of Elite Mercenaries, named Neo Spartans. (You can see a breakout of each of the divisions sub-divisions on the poster below)

These divisions and sub-divisions will provide a vast array of utility to the GBF and it’s allies, such as a dedicated Mining Group for example. We organized these divisions and their respective subdivisions as their own business unit capable of producing their own revenue streams. Each division is headed up by it’s own Director, yet will still ultimately report to GBF Central Command (Consisting of the previous “Database” leaders and the new “Fleet” leaders).

The Database is still a thing however, but rather than being the sole business unit of the GBF, it is now one of many. More about the Database can be seen below, but we are not quite done talking about The Fleet.

If you join the Galactic Business Federation’s Fleet (also affectionately known as “The Fleet”) as a Full Member, you will get free and unlimited PREMIUM access to all of the services that The Database™ offers; but also, you will have the use of our support, resources, and friendship to truly turn a profit for yourself!

Click here for more info on Services (Some services are still under development and may not be accurately reflected on the website at this time).

We are recruiting good people for all roles within Star Citizen. Including but not limited to: Traders, Diplomats, Salvagers, Miners, Search and Rescue, Security, Explorers/Scouts, you name it!

Currently, we are especially focused on recruiting people who are passionate about competitive PvP FPS combat; also, we have a need to fill many crew and support roles for our Mining Operations. But again, we are recruiting for all roles in Star Citizen, so don’t be shy! :)

Even if you desire to run your own business(es), that’s great! Join us and do it with our support! No need to start your own Org, we will help advertise your brand on our professionally made websites! But better yet, you gain competitive advantage from having unlimited access to our Database™!

Last but definitely not least, we are connected with a multitude of other Orgs and Service Providers via Alliances, Coalitions, Agreements and even Exclusive Contracts! So, you will always have someone willing to help you succeed and someone watching your back in “the black”!

We use Discord (Currently) for voice and text-chat comms.

All play-styles are welcome, from Casual to Hardcore and everything in between!

Ages 18+ unless approved by Fleet Leadership.


The Database™

The Database™ is a brand and one of many excellent Divisions that are a part of the Galactic Business Federation. It is our premier financial and commerce data and statistics service provider.

The Business Registry is one of the many services that The Database™ provides. It is free of charge to all affiliates and allies of the GBF. The Business Registry maintains a whitelist/blacklist with peer reviews of businesses and service providers all throughout the Universe.

Basically, we provide to you a rating system that allows you to rate good businesses and services positively (whitelist) and scammers or bad experiences negatively (blacklist).

With over 700,000 citizens and growing there will, no doubt, be some people who try to scam and take advantage of others or just generally provide a poor quality of goods or services. We would like to help save you from having to find out the hard way and for free no less!

We strive to be your one stop source for a searchable registry of businesses that you know that you can trust along with a great deal of other professional-grade tools and services that we hope you all will find helpful in running your businesses!

Additionally, any members of an Org that is also a member of the Allied Commerce Coalition (ACC) are granted the same Free Access as any GBF Affiliates would enjoy, this (as stated above) excludes our Premium Services. Each individual member still has to affiliate with the GBF in order to receive these benefits, so that we may properly manage access to these and other services.


The Conclusion

So, if you plan on doing any type of business at all or wish to support our Divisions in their business ventures; join The GBF or affiliate with us and register your business here and get access to The Database’s™ Services and a wealth of financial insight, enjoy the family atmosphere of our fine community that places fun and profit at the top of our priorities and, last but not least, experience Star Citizen from a place of confidence and comradery!

If you would like to know more, click here for more detailed information and FAQs on our forums.