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Roberts Space Industries ®


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    Bounty Hunting

The reaving, grieving & ever unceasing opportunity making & risk taking universal soldiers of fortune & fame. Specialising in combat & security operations but open to any contract including transport, bounties, escort, salvage, exploration & exploitation. If it pays, then we will appraise. Git Gud!


Welcome to the HHN Mercenaries Org Page.

If you got your invite from one of our members or, join the Discord using the following invitation link:

Please contact a FLEET COMMAND or WING COMMAND member with the name of the member who referred you to arrange your Discord roles so you can see the text and voice channels.

If you did not get your invite from one of our members, please join the waiting-room voice channel. A staff member should be with you shortly if you join it.

You can also send a PM to the members with the FLEET COMMAND or WING COMMAND roles for any org to org relations. They should be able to help you with all your needs.

WARNING: Please note that this server is meant for people over 18, and generally not for the faint of heart. You have been warned.

And remember,

Praise the Holy Hippo, and Git Gud!


At the Dawn of Time, there was a Man… An Australian man, with a big mouth and an even bigger lingam. His name was lost in time, as he was so consistently wasted he’d probably forgotten it himself: but his callsign was Poontang8. During a 12-day long bender, as he was coming down off amphetamines and liquor, he was confronted by an apparition: a hippopotamus, and it spoke to him:

“You must Git Gud. And don’t Hectic Crab for too long.”

…and The Man listened.

He rode his Avenger to Barley for Australia Day, and along his travels enlisted those who would hear the tale of The Hippo. They came from Queensland and Switzerland, Paris and Texas, New Brunswick and New Zealand. Men, women, and beings of all genital-to-personality combinations, and persons of all colors of The Rainbow came to hear his gospel. The group meditated and medicated, contemplated and masturbated all over The Prophecy of the Hippo, and went on a Great Journey to achieve Girthening: a state of enlightenment, in which you feel larger than life.

Now a fellowship, they ventured on The Great Journey, and as they climbed to the Stars, The Man spoke:

“We’re fucking HHN, cunts, get it in ya!”

The symbols, when written on the Spectrum datapad he held, emitted a powerful and throbbing Girth. He did not know what they meant, but he knew what they stood for…

That smell on your fingers from smoking a 25-pack in 6 hours…

And on the 17th of August, 2945, in His decisiveness and wisdom, The HHN Mercenaries were founded.

HHN is a no-fucks-given mercenary outfit ready for all ops with a focus on professional execution without the overhead of professionalism or legality. All speech is free, but fisting is USD$300.00. Suck a dick.


Brah Brah Brah Brah!