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Honour Forever / HNR

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration

Live, Fight and Die with Honour!

Recruiting new and experienced players interested in all aspects of the game.

We are active daily and focused on group play.

Feel free to contact us on our Discord if have any questions!

Honour Discord


Toward the end of 2003 saw the start of Honour as a gaming guild in Star Wars Galaxies. That makes Honour now officially 17 years old!

We are a multi gaming community currently active in Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, SWG emu and now Star Citizen!


We will be active in all aspects and professions of the game… as the gameplay loops are implemented!

Honour is committed to the following:
• Respecting fellow Org members.
• Investing in our members to help them achieve the best they can.
• Innovation Not imitation.
• Commercial success and wealth.


General guild rules

The following rules apply to all our members.

Keep in mind, that once you wear our Org tag, you are partly responsible for the Orgs reputation and prestige.

Upon joining Honour you start as the rank of “Recruit”.

A Recruit is not a full member of Honour; however there are some easy steps to take to become a full member with the rank of Honourian.

As a full member you are welcome to join all Org events, Org meetings etc. You also have the opportunity to voice your opinion in topics concerning the Org and its future.

• This is a game, have fun!