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Our ancestors were abandoned long ago by the UEE during the first Vanduul invasion of human space, Their peaceful home, Armitage, was left alone to be raided by the aliens for months.

We are the anger of our forefathers reborn. The wrath of the hunted will not go unsated.

Vengeance will be ours.


Who we are

IAV is a gaming group full focused around Star Citizen, and we’re fully looking forward to everything it’s going to offer. We believe that Star Citizen is going to be the next ‘big thing’, just like everybody else, and I’m sure you too!

Because of this, we’ve completely designed from the ground up, a unit structure, vision and history which we believe will fit great within the Star Citizen Universe and provide plenty of opportunity for fun for all of our members on a day to day basis. If you’ve read our vision section, you’ll have a bit of an understanding that we’re a unit focused all around dealing with the Vanduul threat. If you enjoy that concept, have a look at our backstory and take a read of how we got from where we were to where we are today!

What IAV is as a gaming organisation

As a group of gamers, we’ve always enjoyed pushing ourselves in our gaming endeavours. We love a challenge and we love setting ourselves aspiring goals. To us, getting together as a group of likeminded individuals and striving to achieve something great is one of the most important aspects to our group.

Of course, striving to achieve something great covers a huge range of things, from making great friendships, to making great gaming organisations, to making great weekend events. Doing these things and doing them together is what makes us who we are, and because of that, we can’t wait to bring more people into our community so we can make more and more cool stories from our experiences in Star Citizen.


Our Vision

A Galaxy belongs to those that want to be a part of it. Its people should exist, devoid of fear and full of hope. A nation should protect its own, and help them to success.

A species should be unified. An invader must be destroyed. This is the future that we seek. The blood of our forefathers flows like fire in our veins, and through their sacrifice, we are free. The spirit of our home world empowers us, for we are no longer prey to hunters, but children to the greatest amongst the stars.

We are the rightful heirs to Orion, the wrathful few, and we will punish those who transgressed against us.

Our Chosen Path

The fight against the Vanduul will not be easy, some would say impossible, but we believe that it must be done.

IAV is a paramilitary organisation focused around concluding the Vanduul problem through force of arms and political reform. This means that, as an organisation, we will operate heavily in Vanduul space, as well as actively in the space of our people, be it Empire affiliated or not.

There is no doubt that this journey will be long, and full of peril. Many will give their lives in service to humanity, just like those who gave their lives to save our families as they fled from Armitage. The debt must be repaid, and for every Vanduul slain, we can stand a little taller under the eyes of our ancestors.


How we’ll play

In IAV, our motto is “make fun for others, and you’ll make fun for yourself”. The concept behind this is that through interesting content created on a daily basis, everyone will have a great time. By being content creators as individuals, we will inspire others to get more out of the game, and be content creators themselves.

What this means is that, as a group, we have a very flat hierarchical structure, which focuses more on providing help and assistance to those who want to engage with the group and get the most out of it. Countless businesses will tell you that their biggest asset is the people they employ, and that stays true with gaming. We want to enable people to take as much responsibility as they like with their peers whenever they like, whilst allowing them to sit back and enjoy someone else’s ideas and passion for the game at any moment they like.

Thus, we don’t have a ‘squadron’ or ‘wing’ based structure to our group, and we don’t break ourselves down into specific departments of role responsibility. This is done for a few reasons. Firstly, rigid structures are often restrictive for an international organisation that may not have a completely equal distribution of players across the globe, resulting in an unbalanced experience for different member groups. Secondly, rigid structure often limits flexibility, and in a sandbox game, the question that is often asked in regards to structures is, ‘what is this adding to my experience?’ Thirdly, in an unreleased game, most people may be confident about a path they want to take now, but when the game comes out, this may change. This means a lot of potential redistribution of pilots to ensure groups are filled appropriately and can operate in certain time periods together.

The reasons above are just a few of the many reasons we don’t have a pyramid style firm structure system like you may see in a lot of other organisations, instead we promote flexibility through our focus on content creation, for everyone, by everyone. Just to give you an idea as to what this might include, here’s some examples.

A green event would be organised on the fly, with whoever was online at the time. A player may come into Teamspeak, decides he wants to raid a well-known Vanduul supply line, and ask whoevers online if they want to join in. He’s probably got a concept of the kind of scale he’ll need for the operation to succeed, whilst having some ideas about what he’d like to do if more people joined in.

A yellow event would have a small preparation period, and a designated start time. This means that a player may spot a lucrative trade deal on the market, but know that shipping it to the best sale location would be very risky without escort. Thus, the player contacts a number of pilots online, and asks them if they’d like to help him out for a cut of the profits. He sets a start time that fits with everyone’s schedule, as well as an estimated time to completion. He then gets the event set up through purchase of the product and gathering of whatever vessels/equipment/intel he needs to complete the operation. He meets with the escorts at the suggested time and they run the event.

A red event would have around a week’s planning, and would likely require a number of conditions to be met before it could be carried out, coupled with a good size of the player base. Examples could include conducting a deep exploration patrol in Vanduul controlled space, with the aim of finding high value targets and jump points, and using that information to strike against the Vanduul either during the event or a later time.

A purple event would have around a month’s planning, and would require the completion of numerous other events before it was undertaken. This could include the invasion of Vanduul held territory, with a number of aims and objectives obtained from previous intel gathering and area recon. These will be the largest events and designed with everybody in mind.

As you can see, with Star Citizen being a sandbox game, there are tonnes of great opportunities to have a great time with a group of people who all share the same passion as you. Taking that passion and turning it into something that everyone can enjoy, is a great feeling for anyone, and a real motivator for others to go out and do the same for you. As time goes on, I imagine we will find certain people who run certain types of events really well, so we may find that certain ‘soft’ structures form from this, such as, say, Korbin’s Katapillar Kommandos, a group of players who just really enjoy, and are really good together, at taking Drake Catapillars and other vessels, and using them to steal Vanduul tech.

What you should know

- We are actively recruiting!

- We are an international organisation and welcome all applicants, although an understanding of English is required as it’s the only language spoken here.

- We use teamspeak 3 for our VOIP, and a Mic is required for organisational membership. We all enjoy chatting to each other online, we want you to do the same!

- Our members have to be 18+

- We aim to be active at all times, so if you’re playing Star Citizen, be on teamspeak!

- -We aren’t an RP focused organisation at all, but some of us have fun with the idea of character backstories, concepts or habits etc. The backstory is written based on the input of the group, and is designed to give us something cool to motivate us, and a series of goals to reach for. We do however, welcome anyone who wants to join and RP under what we’ve created.

What you get out of being a part of us

- A fully functioning gaming website that’s well maintained and been running for years. We have active forums and chat, and you can often find great banter on the site as well as plenty of interesting content.

- Access to an absolutely great community of individuals. Honestly, these guys are just awesome, I’ve been in tonnes of communities in the past, what we have here is really something.

- Support from the group about pretty much anything. We look out for our own through training, help, or support whenever it’s needed. If we like you and you want to try and succeed with us, we’ll damned well make sure it happens.