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Welcome to Trident Industries. We are a growing Org wanting to help players find a community to join to enjoy the game we all love and enjoy.

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Trident Industries started out as the “Imperial Expansion Conglomerate” back in January of 2019. We have since joined with another growing group that was looking to join in on Star Citizen, we joined together to create a gaming community called “Trident Gaming”. We are now a growing Community helping all players have a place where they can call home, and join us in many events that we host.

Welcome to Trident Industries


Here at Trident Industries we want to create a footprint in the ever expanding Persistent Universe. Our Organization specializes in all different types of gameplay like Mining, Cargo Hauling, Combat, and future gameplay loops that will be introduced into the Verse, like base building, salvage, engineering, etc… Our fleet consist of a good pool of ships cover all different types of gameplay, we will always have something to do to help build our organization up and take us forward and know in the Verse.


As a community we encourage manning ops and leading teams on missions, We primarily want you to have fun but please do so in a chill manner, we will host events that require seriousness and we will have events that will be just for fun. Here are our general rules.
1. During serious missions please conduct yourself in a professional manner.

2.We seriously frown on intentional team killing, and will operate on a three strikes your out basis

3. Do NOT under any circumstances conduct your self in hateful way towards other members for ANY reason, Including but not limited to, Sexism, Race, Sexual orientation, Sexual Preference, Religion, or just plain old disagreements.

4.We wish to promote a environment where everyone who has a love for the game can be here and enjoy the group and the gameplay without feeling uncomfortable or unwelcome.

5.Administrators and Command personnel will deal with disciplinary action and warnings, if you witness any of the above mentioned issues occur please report the individual to one of these staff or command structures. Please bring your ideas for group Ops or just general fun events to the table

The more active you are the better! Promotions will occour on a merit basis and be decided by all of the upper command staff.

Thank You all for your time! Welcome to the Trident Industries! See you in the Verse!